Chapter 32

Getting to know God without the need for religion

World religions create huge organizational structures to change the belief in the existence of God, the spiritual world or the afterlife of people into the so-called cult. They create them to ensure that people fulfill their dreams of eternal happiness, justice and the experience of true love. Meanwhile, one can imagine a general knowledge of phenomena related to God without the entire sphere of religious activities that make people weak creatures, at the mercy of God or supernatural forces.

In fact, people are looking for a safe and good future. Many of us feel we have eternity within us, whether they call it a soul, spirit, or spirit person. Many people take this spiritual future very seriously. In most cases, they submit to the rigors of religious denominations, expecting in return the guarantee of an eternal future in the next life. This forces people to maintain a huge number of clergy, organizations and centers of worship. As a reward, it provides them with a kind of peace of mind that a land of eternal happiness awaits them after their death. In connection with the wrongs suffered, religious faith also ensures a fair judgment of those who commit various kinds of wrongs against us. For this is the vision of ultimate justice that stems from many religions. However, it is worth re-examining it.

Essenceism, based on analytical knowledge, builds a system of spiritual security, parallel to the physical one concerning civilization life. Thus, following the example of knowledge about the "earth" security system, there should be knowledge about the same "blue" security system. It should be based on two basic pillars: the fact that each of us is an eternal personality and the fact that behind the existence of each of us is the First Cause, i.e. the Original Being having an eternal Personality associated with an eternal sphere beyond time and space. It is worth realizing that the Personality of God, extending in this sphere, has a Heart within it, that is, the same center that every person senses in their personality. It is, of course, spiritual. It is deeply embedded in each of us, being the mainstay of our humanity. This is where these two pillars of security can come together.

I will add here, for example, a personal experience that built my bond with the Creator, completely unrelated to religious feelings. It's about the feeling of belonging to God. Although not everyone is able to experience it, it is worth trying to evoke a desire to feel the Heart of God. If it succeeded, we would feel the unity of our heart with His Heart. It can be called "touching" the Heart of God, that is, as if leaning against the Eternal Refuge of the Original Being. Personally, after experiencing this "touch", I felt a deep bond and love with my Creator, which caused a full sense of security of my spiritual life in the scale of all eternity. So it was not a question of faith offered by religions, but a concrete experience connected with the certainty that He is. It is about the same level of certainty as we have under the laws of mathematics, physics or biology.

Ideally, science should prove the Creator of the universe. It would be especially good for it to show the existence of a sphere beyond time and space, which is an eternal "home" for both the Creator and us. This means that she could conclude that there is an eternal "space" for spiritual people who have already finished their physical life. It would also be basic knowledge for us today and for those who will come after us. Thanks to this, humanity would have only one worry before it, that is, how to end evil and restore our world to the state prepared by God.

Unfortunately, scientists dissociate themselves from this mission, saying that only the physical universe is of interest to them. In that case, essenceism had to undertake the presentation of knowledge about these "unwanted" phenomena. For people who do not want to be associated with any religion, it can be knowledge that answers questions about the origin of the universe, ourselves and our eternal future.

Below I present the principles that guided me in creating essenceism, especially in describing the sphere beyond time and space.

1. The principle of timelessness or eternity is the first of the two attributes of the sphere beyond time and space.

2. The principle of structurelessness of this sphere, in which there is nothing occupying any space or volume - is the second fundamental attribute of this sphere.

3. The principle of existence of the Absolute First Cause, which fills the sphere beyond time and space, and is the cause of the creation of the universe. It is about the Original Being characterized by the lack of a beginning, the lack of anything that could have been before Him, and existing on the scale of infinity.

4. The principle of the universal existence of primary energy, resulting in the uncertainty of the state of energy filling the sphere beyond time and space, and the marking of energy when it fills the space-time of the universe.

5. The principle of existence of beings in the sphere beyond time and space. They are the concentration of primary energy around the personality center of being which possesses intelligence, will and affection. They are beings that derive from the Original Being, created on His model.

6. The principle of perfection leads every being to perfection based on the laws and principles derived from the Creator, and each spiritual being based on his intelligence, will and affection. Everything in which God is directly present becomes perfect.

7. Principle of the indispensable sense of the existence of the universe. This means that its spacetime is a necessary place of development to full perfection for spiritual beings destined for eternal life in the realm beyond time and space.

8. The principle of omnipresence as to the "location" of spiritual beings. After achieving perfection, all beings who reside in the sphere beyond time and space become omnipresent in it.

9. The principle of communication in the sphere beyond time and space. All communication between the beings existing there takes place through the intuitive transmission of the content of feelings or thoughts, although it can also take the form of visions taken from the material structures of the universe.

10. All laws and principles of the functioning of the sphere beyond time and space derived from the First Cause are defined as universal, necessary, absolute, eternal and good, that is, according to the original assumption of the Creator.







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