Chapter 32

The role of an individual in salvation of the world

Our world is derived from the "Individual", that is, from the unique, unlimited and absolute Original Being. Since the individual Source of Life shaped the universe, it essentially affects the entire creation. The most significant effect of the planned operation of the Original Being is the unique concept of man that arose in Him before the creation of the universe.

According to essenceism, each of us is a being who, after reaching perfection, should gain a unique position towards all creation, unlimited in its activity. Thanks to this, he will take a place at the side of the Creator. Together with Him, it can eternally create different forms of reality. The first people described in the Bible were on their way to that position, but were stopped early in their development, and at a fairly low level. For this reason, not only the state of the world built according to the concept of the Original Being collapsed. The entire system of achieving individual perfection has also collapsed. This means that human entities did not appear in the Image and likeness of the Creator.

Essenceism does not take the Bible accounts literally. However, he considers some of the teachings in this book, such as the parables preached by Jesus Christ. They did not have to literally happen, because their meaning is only educational. Generally, the stories posted there describe the state of a given reality as a didactic message, not as an actual story. Many of these descriptions emphasize the contrast between the state of our reality and the Creator's concept of an ideal world. Jesus Christ adopted this form of teaching. My system identifies Him as an authentic figure, also trying to know the authentic version of His words. He treats him as the Son of God, that is, the only man who individually achieved the goal of creation. Of course, the same goal belongs to every human being, but no one but Jesus has achieved it. The first "biblical" people, Adam and Eve, and no one before and after Jesus Christ achieved it.

Thus, essenceism analyzes descriptions and words recorded in the Bible only in the educational dimension. This applies primarily to the beginnings of evil. The analysis of this phenomenon has already been described in my various studies. Now I just want to briefly say that evil in the world appeared through one archangel, one man and one woman. They were in their time a complete representation of the world created for humans, including the world of angels. Why their deeds burden all mankind, including the angels subordinate to the archangel Lucifer, that is, the later Satan. This biblical story is not only a symbolic picture of the situation that resulted in the creation of the world without the presence of its Creator. Its bad effect is the present world reality with the constant presence of Satan. Simultaneously with this event, an evil sphere was created in the spiritual world, called extraterrestrial hell, and an earthly hell in the physical world. The term hell is used here because Satan has led both of these realities. This biblical account, although religiously related to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is, according to essenceism, a sufficiently convincing account of the source of evil that has gripped all earthly civilization down to our day. Despite many searches, I have not found a better explanation for the evil that has always been inherent in our civilization. In the end, I accepted this story as the only reasonably reasonable explanation for the persistent ill-health of mankind, which has been influencing earthly events from the earliest times.

People created by God were to create families, societies, nations, and ultimately all mankind. Actually, it does, but unfortunately it does not happen according to the concept of the Creator. There was a complete change due to the misdirection of people by the biblical "Serpent", their tutor. He never had the right to rule over people with his power of authority, but only to raise them to be perfect children of the Heavenly Father with the help of the power of love received from the Creator. After they came to perfection, that is, after becoming an "image" of God, Archangel Lucifer was to be their servant. However, it turned out differently, which I have already described many times. Due to the reversal of the forces of love in the opposite direction, Lucifer gained power over people and led to their fall. Thus, instead of being in the world of good, they found themselves in the world of evil.

The result of this tragic event was a fallen world in which all levels of society came under the control of Satan. In the world thus created, there was no longer any room for true love. Therefore, the spiritual level of humanity, which depends on its practical application, has stopped in place. This means that the kinds of interpersonal love, that is, child love, marital love, parental love and friendship have become weak and transient. One of the purposes of salvation, then, is to regain true love, which will enable people to regain the dignity of God's children. This applies not only to the present situation, but has always been important, that is, in every period of history. After analyzing the history of the struggle between good and evil, my system concludes that only individuals can make significant changes in our world. Quite often, different rulers or political leaders led people to very bad things, spreading hatred that was the opposite of love during their reign. This is the bad side of the above observation. The analysis of the good side shows that there may be people among people who encourage them to shape a better or even ideal world. From this it can be seen that we are accompanied by both omnipresent evil and hidden good. Evil destroys true love, and good tries to restore it. This process is best illustrated by the history of Christ's life. Therefore, based on the ways of acting and accomplishing the Son of God, one can understand the power of evil and the chances of good for victory. Unfortunately, it must be said that this victory will not be easy at all.

The value of an individual independent from satanic evil signifies the value of the Son of God. Therefore, in the process of salvation, the power of the Son of God must be taken into account as the source of the Strength of Love necessary for the salvation of the world. Until now, the power of authority, i.e. the power of evil, has been an impassable barrier. Although Jesus succeeded in removing her from "heaven," she still remains the dominant force that holds the bad reality together. As you can see, no religion has been able to cope with it because it operates "above the individual", creating structures subject to the influence of Satan. Therefore, the role of the individual is still a key issue in the process of saving the world from evil.











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