Chapter 33

Love brought by the Son of God

The Son of God is the "pattern" of real man. It is a person who has a personality in the image and likeness of the Original Being. By default, this term should also be understood as the daughter of God. Achieving the dignity of the son of God has an impact on the state of the entire life environment on Earth, because all other beings receive both a true protector and a representative of the Creator who is responsible for the world. This also applies to all people who have achieved personal perfection. Thus, a son or daughter of God is a person who, during his life on Earth, has brought his personality to personal perfection. This can only be done based on the state of reality prepared by the Creator. It runs through her spiritual development, but also thanks to her participation in the development of the earthly environment. Therefore, this development takes place by imitating the Creator, that is by introducing into his "life" the love that comes from the Heart of the Original Being. It means an activity modeled on His Power of Love.

After leaving the biblical Garden of Eden, i.e. after breaking the relationship with the Creator, for a thousand years we had no opportunity to fulfill the originally assigned meaning of life, i.e. to become sons and daughters of God. Only Jesus Christ changed this unfavorable situation. It was Him, from the very beginning, as soon as he realized how much Satan had destroyed the world, he was repairing the existing reality with the educational method. In this way, he indicated that the force we should use to save the world should be the force of love.

Essenceism shows that the Son of God Jesus Christ was the Second Adam, who appeared to restore the love that flowed from Heavenly Father to the world. He preached that each of us should not only feel like a son or daughter of God, but really be His true child. Jesus was not understood by the clergymen of that time, or strictly speaking, rejected by the hierarchs of the Israeli religion. The conclusion is that the Son of God, while bringing love from Heavenly Father, was met with incomprehension and even hatred.

Despite the defeat of the Jewish hierarchs, essenceism shows some appreciation for the nation of Israel, which for many centuries earned the birth of the Son of God. It was made by the efforts of important figures of the Old Testament era, combined with the sacrifice of the lives of many members of this nation. It was this sacrifice and determination that the proper conditions were met for the expected Messiah to be born in Israel. They did not always know that it was about the coming into the world of Someone like the Son of God, unencumbered by fallen nature, that is, without any dependence on Satan. Unfortunately, this generation that lived during the ministry of Jesus Christ destroyed the whole sense of Israel's history.

I have to admit with sorrow that also the later generations who inherited the mission of the Son of God gradually lost the meaning of his teachings. Humanity has still not fully embraced the message of the Son of God, who proclaimed that the world is ruled by Satan and regularly destroys human efforts to prevent mankind from being saved from evil. Thus, the struggle between good and evil has been going on for millennia. On the one hand, we have Satan with his demons and people acting consciously or unconsciously in his favor, and on the other hand, we have people of great heart and true love who wish to restore "normality", that is, the original plan of the Creator. In this struggle, the Son of God is a necessary Person who can end evil and initiate the right reality prepared by the Creator.

The essenceism system, apart from understanding the historical role of the history of the nation of Israel in the preparation of the coming of the Son of God, also shows the wrong side of its history. The murder of Jesus two thousand years ago with the active participation of the Israeli clergy was not only the nation's only crime. Before that, prophets and visionaries trying to restore the spiritual life of Israelis were persecuted and killed. Jesus himself spoke about it, noting how badly he was treated by the Pharisees. He pointed out that the persecution of religious reformers stems from dependence on Satan, that is, from fallen human nature. So it can be assumed that if someone like Jesus appeared in any other place in the world or at any time, he would also be persecuted, and possibly even killed. For example, if he had appeared in medieval France, he would certainly have been burned at the stake, as did many people during this period. Also, everything indicates that if he appeared in a Catholic country now, the hierarchs of this religion would try to get rid of Him, pissing their followers on Him.

What the world lacks can be briefly summarized. We lack the power of love that comes from our Creator. It is the personality of the Son of God, but it should also apply to each of us. Is worth remembering that true love comes from the Creator. Without it, every love we experience in our world is too weak and transient. What we do not need in our world can also be briefly summarized. We do not need the power of authority, or, in fact, any form of power. It is the source of evil. It is about both political and religious power. The world has been undergoing fundamental changes for centuries, but bad political power is still taking its toll on us. The same is true of religious authority. These powers have always been destroying our world, our personality and our love. Their source is Satan.

This text was written to explain in a wide range the fundamental meaning of every human being. I convey the content of my system to people, guessing what Jesus Christ did not have time to explain. I am also trying to recreate His plans to restore God's functions to our civilization. I have not had any revelation from Him, nor has I been commissioned to carry out this task. I do it after a long analysis of His activity, applying it to the model of what the Original Being described in essenceism did.

I believe that my system is fulfilling my dreams, possibly of many other people living both before me and now. I would like to join those few who really follow in Christ's footsteps and who the world most often does not understand. In the past, such followers of Christ became martyrs by the hands of those who officially called themselves successors of his apostles. It is a pity that the time in which the leaders and hierarchs of various denominations have unconsciously, or perhaps consciously, support the present state of our civilization shaped for centuries by Satan has not passed.











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