Chapter 34

Salvation not from this world

This chapter deals with the main topic of this study. Below, I will briefly review the arguments used in previous books on essenceism. This reminder is necessary to fully understand the form of salvation which is a kind of last resort for mankind. Since I say that God cannot intervene in our world in order to save it on his own, and the inhabitants of the Earth turn out to be incapable of carrying out the process of salvation, someone outside can do it. I still predict that it should be done by humans, though not necessarily from our planet.

The history of our planet shows that we have met a bad fate. In my "black" perception, I described the state of our world as hell. Unfortunately, we live in such a world. We are largely influenced by Satan and his demons. Thus, humanity's falling under their evil rule has dramatically stopped our development. Therefore, from our Earth it is impossible to enter the ideal spiritual world immediately after physical death. We live as if locked first in a physical hell on Earth, and after death we wander in an unknown spiritual world resembling one large waiting room for a miracle of salvation. But this waiting must be stopped.

Is it possible, then, to count on the fact that in this difficult situation other human civilizations will come to our aid, which, according to my assumption, may be somewhere in space? Such a solution, despite great hopes, may not come to fruition for the time being if no one in the universe knows about our dramatic situation. It is quite likely. We can be a planet lost in the endless cosmos, which is not reached by any information from the rest of the universe, and at the same time no one knows anything about this planet. However, I am afraid that the main problem lies elsewhere. It may be that we are a "lonely island of evil" in space, the only fallen human civilization. The evil on our planet may have made us so alien to the universal community that a huge spiritual "gulf" has formed between them and us. In addition, because of evil, we can be so dangerous to them that they will fear us.

It seems that because of evil we cannot communicate with other civilizations. It can be said that our civilization develops in the so-called abyss, completely separated from the properly shaped worlds in the cosmos, i.e. those consistent with the concept of the Creator. Just as after the fall of the first people we ceased to be present in the world under God's sovereignty, as if invisible to Him, so we ceased to be present in the great family of good civilizations in the universe, as if invisible to them. The hell we have created simply has nothing to do with these good worlds. It seems that we can be outside the stabilized good in the universe, as if in a pit separated from it, dependent on the evil coming from Satan.

I have already written that God is perfect and changeless. Therefore, on other planets in the universe, similar to the Earth, He could create people with a physical structure identical to ours. What is most important is the fact that probably no other human civilization in the universe has experienced such a tragedy that ours suffered in the first years of its existence, when evil appeared in us. Everyone else in the universe should be completely perfect, untainted by evil. This gives us hope that they are wise enough to help us. They can invite the same angels who communicate with us. For now, these good angels based on humanity present can't do much, which can be considered bad news.

At the same time, the good news is that these good angels know our present situation. Thus, when carrying out the salvation of our Earth, they could be suitable guides for people from other planets. Essenceism shows that perfect people have even more power than angels. So they can fight Satan as Jesus did. Such an army of "saviors" could certainly deal with Satan and his evil spirits. Unfortunately, this good civilization will not come to us in spaceships. Only their spiritual persons can come to Earth. Therefore, it will be necessary to help from physical persons currently living on our planet. Individuals should offer their physical persons to the spiritual people of newcomers from that planet, unspoiled by evil. They can be especially "globetrotters", that is, the itinerant missionaries described previously. The use of a physical person by an "alien" spiritual person from the beginning was foreseen by the Creator, so that every man could always participate in the life of both his planet and other inhabited planets throughout the universe. This could mobilize the rest of the people on Earth to join the process of purifying the world of evil. Additional help and experience can be offered by spiritual people from Paradise, i.e. saints led by Jesus. They know who our main enemy on Earth is. It would finally lead to the implementation of the original plans of the Creator and teach us to live in the world under His authority. This process would continue until God could be directly involved in our lives. This would have happened as a result of the perfection of the first human pair, something that Adam and Eve failed to achieve. They would become the right parents of all mankind, giving birth to God's lineage of our race and making us His children. Hence a simple conclusion, of course very futuristic and partly from the sphere of dreams, that for our salvation we need the support of people who have already realized the God's concept of the world, i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven somewhere in the universe.

When presenting such a futurological vision of aid from the universe, I also thought about people of science, so that they would understand our specific situation. Of course, scientists do not need to be persuaded to search for civilization on other planets in space. They have been doing it for a long time. I think that in the near future we will come to the appropriate level of technology enabling effective interplanetary communication so that something is known about us in space. Then we could try to eliminate this hell with outside help.

Is all that I wrote above just fiction? Or maybe it's just my dreams? These questions will be answered in the future…








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