Chapter 34

Understanding our future

Do you ever ask yourself what might happen in the future? Do you still have dreams of being the most important person in the world, giving good and happiness to others? How long would you like to live? Fifty, eighty? And what's next?

Have you done everything to leave only good after you leave this world? How would you like to be remembered? Or maybe you sometimes think how to live forever? These are normal dreams. It should be! They result from the knowledge about the Creator stored in you. Not from your father or mother who are the beginning of your earthly life. You have a lot more in you. You have a spiritual person born from an inexhaustible Source, that is, from the eternal Original Being or otherwise from the Creator. It is in the spiritual person that everything that you inherit from Heavenly Father is written.

So let's explore who we really are. According to this task, my system first analyzed who the Original Being is, what the universe is and how we came to live in it. Further research showed that each of us is a unique entity not only on Earth, but also in the scale of the entire cosmos. So we are not a form of biological existence that lives briefly in the natural environment. It is just an external form of our life, a bit like an animal. We should constantly take into account the fact that we are unique in the entire universe and, above all, that we are definitely not animals.

Various religions, philosophies and human testimonies say that we have within us what is known as spirituality, or soul. It is most often associated with immortality. The essenceism system, however, defined the state of our spirituality as the actual presence of a spiritual person in us. My system presents a human being as a being with not only a physical person endowed with an internal instinct, also known as a governing physical nature. However, this is only a temporary form of our existence. The basic form of human life is a spiritual person who is the right person. It is the core of the human personality. It has a spiritual body that is a concentration of energy from the Creator. It is guided by an inner nature called the spiritual soul or the inherent guiding nature. We inherited this structure from the Creator. Our spiritual person should then be a reflection of His Personality. Put simply, she should be like Him. Therefore, the primal nature inherent in us is a state given to us by the Original Being. Unfortunately, we also have a fallen nature that has not been given to us by Satan.

Of course, we immediately ask ourselves why are we not aware of the proper state of our personality? To answer this question, it must first be said that most often we are completely unaware of the existence of both primal and fallen natures. While this is a sad truth, it does not mean that we are losing out on our recovery. Let me remind you that an important goal of essenceism is to keep explaining how to break out of our bad situation. I do this in the books of my system. In them, I try to stimulate hope for restoring our personality to the proper, original state provided by the Creator. An example of this is the vision of the human future described here. It concerns the so-called life after life. It begins with the statement that we will definitely leave this world someday. Where are we going then?

I will answer this question without fear of death, in a quite vivid way. Often in conversations over coffee, when I am discussing leaving this world at ease with my friends, I calmly say that this is an inevitable phenomenon. This means that one should be invited "for eternal coffee" in the spiritual world. I imagine that when I enter there, I will think about everything prepared, and Heavenly Father will already be sitting at a cafe table and waiting for me. Whether or not we are really drinking coffee, I hope that Creative will take the time to answer my questions. The problem is that when I get the right answer, I won't be able to pass this knowledge on to my other friends on Earth. It is a pity, because in this way I could supplement essenceism with important knowledge. For now, you have to limit your imagination to an irretrievable visit at the coffee table in the presence of the Creator. But the joy will be in the fact that we break away from the evil that weighs down our lives. In the spiritual world, we will deal with more important matters, creating new phenomena in the space of the universe or participating in the achievements of other human civilizations.

At the same time, we will experience with great joy the fact that we will see an infinite number of coffee tables around us, at which the same Father will sit with other people. For He meets "face to face" with each of His children who have matured for such a meeting, that is, have achieved personal perfection. It will be like an endless cafe full of tables with people who are all "face to face" sitting over coffee with the same Father. Each of us will therefore have a sense of personal contact with Him. Then one must strive for personal perfection. Essenceism wants to help everyone in this task.

When we get up from this "cafe" table to walk around the universe in the company of our Father, we will "hold His hand" to individually feel His love. We will also see millions, even billions of such people walking with the Creator, each of whom will "hold His hand". This is a picture of love and the omnipresence of the Original Being. It is also an image of the good that is always there and that should be originally on Earth.

People ask, how is it that God is omnipresent? It is the above description that answers this question. The omnipresence of spiritual persons in the world beyond time and space is one of the principles of essenceism. It shows that the state beyond time and space is our future. It is in him that we will feel the same omnipresence that the Original Being creates.

Thus, essenceism presents a clear vision of the eternal future in a state beyond time and space. It affects everyone. We can work out this future for ourselves by joint effort. It is enough to accept the Son of God and let Him restore us to our original nature. This is explained again in this study in the chapter entitled "Hope in the Appearance of the Son of God".









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