Chapter 35

Idea of one great human family

In this chapter, I summarize the idea of ​​essenceism regarding the concept of the world prepared by the Original Being. For the Creator and for us our world is a great school of life that guides all people, without exception, to a state of perfection. No wonder God can feel like the Father of all mankind. It is also not surprising that we can be one great human family for Him. I will analyze the practical side of this plan below.

The core of the ideal world concept is the full unity between the physical and spiritual worlds. According to the Will of the Creator, this means a constant presence in our world, not only of those who live in it now, but also of those who have already ended their earthly existence. As I explained in the chapter on reincarnation, the mechanism of cooperation between spiritual persons of people already living in the spiritual world and physical persons of people currently living on Earth was not created for the needs of salvation after the fall of Adam and Eve. It was indispensable for the creation of an ideal world. Hence the use of the physical body of a person currently living on Earth by another spiritual person of a man who has already lived through his physical life was a phenomenon originally intended by the Creator. Of course, a spiritual person deprived of physical senses cannot do what each of us does. For example, he cannot admire a beautiful landscape by itself, because this landscape, with all the changes taking place in it, can be seen only with physical eyes, and this spiritual person does not have. The creator, however, introduced the principle that the physical person who lives on Earth could also use other spiritual persons than his own. This mechanism can enable contact with the physical world in the case of such spiritual beings as angels. Thanks to this, all spiritual beings from the spiritual world can be present in the physical world. Such experiences of the current state of the world may be of particular interest to those who have already lived through them in ancient times. All this is waiting for us when the perfect world will be created.

I will add one digression here. The physical person of a man who has reached perfection in earthly life can be used even by God Himself. I suppose that was one of the Creator's goals in creating the world. Thanks to that He could participate in the perfect world in the life of His children during their "earthly" existence. It would be beautiful and wonderful, although today it is a bit beyond our imagination. One can assume that such eyes, ears or mouths for God could probably be the only perfect man on Earth - Jesus Christ.

To illustrate the coexistence of both worlds, you can use the image of a football match.

Imagine that there are 22 players on the court, and maybe a thousand times more spectators sit on the stands, say 22,000. All these people, both on the pitch and in the stands, participate in the match. Although only those 22 play football and the rest are watching, in reality everyone is connected with this spectacle. Those in the stands are passionate about the game not less than players on the pitch and similarly identify themselves with the current situation. So it should be in relation to the world prepared by the Creator. We, physically living on Earth, are the players on the stadium grass. People in the spiritual world, although "sitting in the stands", can participate actively in the life of this world. The creator also foresaw the mutual communication of both sides. Of course, this is an image of the perfect world.

Ask how spiritual people from their world can see life on Earth? To answer this question, let us return briefly to the description of the football game mentioned above. In our world, this match is watched not only by fans sitting in the stands, but also thousands, and even millions of spectators away from the stadium by hundreds or thousands of kilometers. These "remote" fans are not present among the stadiums sitting in the stands, but they are watching the match with them. How does it happen? Today, everyone knows that cameras have been installed on such a stadium, which, using transmitters in transmission cars, transmit the image and sound into the ether using invisible radio waves. This is a typical media broadcast that allows viewers to see something that is hundreds of kilometers away from them without having to be in a place where something is happening. It was invented by people, or beings brought to life by the Creator. In that case, could God, who was incomparably wiser than a human, not be able to create a "spiritual transmission" system for people from the spiritual world to receive the transmission of images from Earth? Of course He could not only create but create it. Such "transmission" is carried out through the ubiquitous spiritual energy, although its proper action will be known only in the regenerated world under the supremacy of the Original Being.

It can be said that our physical person is a kind of transmitter that transmits knowledge received by physical senses to our spiritual person. At the same time, as described above, the knowledge of this "transmitter" can also be received by someone else from the spiritual world, but on condition that it synchronizes with a given physical person on Earth. Similarly, the receiver should be synchronized with the transmitter during normal radio communication. I will repeat my sentence from one of the previous paragraphs: The Creator wanted all people, both those who now live in the physical world and those who left it, to constantly participate in the development of the world and constitute together a single, large, world family. He, as the Father of all people, would also like to participate in the life of His children. Unfortunately, He cannot do it yet, because no one on Earth achieves the level of perfection. However, it is worth understanding this mechanism to realize one of the most important aspects of the future ideal world called the Kingdom of Heaven.







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