Chapter 35

A proposal for Christianity

Most religions cite God's omnipotence, which implies that "their God" can do anything and is able to intervene in our world at any time. They look for various events that testify to this. However, we do not really have a single evidence of His intervention. According to essenceism, such an intervention would be a negation of the Creator's infallibility, as it would prove that in the case of man He did not see something, hence man only "on paper" is in His Image and likeness.

All the biblical events in which Yahweh intervened in our world are only supportive parables of a didactic nature. We can assume with certainty that God will never interfere with our world. The calling of prophets, and especially sending the Savior from heaven, is also a delusion of people for the purposes of religion. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, appeared among the people as a result of the effort of the entire chain of Israel's generations, especially the devotion of spiritual people, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and John the Baptist. It was they who walked among people and taught to fulfill human responsibility for saving the world from evil. This is to be a lesson for the generations of the new era, the participants of which also have the responsibility to prepare for the birth on Earth of a person completely independent of Satan, that is, the Son of God. The constant waiting for the Creator's mercy to let Him accomplish salvation is a dead end for humanity, into which religions have led us.

Essenceism proposes a way out of this alley, and especially "coming out with face" for religions that for centuries have condemned mankind to pointless waiting. My system invariably explains that the Original Being knows no evil and does not interfere with human civilization, of which it is not the author. It is people inspired by the "master of this world", as Jesus called Satan, who shaped the present state of the world inconsistent with the concept of the Creator. The mission of the Son of God two thousand years ago showed how extremely difficult it is to remove Satan from our living space. Christ's death showed that if religions do not understand their responsibility to prepare for salvation, and if people continue to be taught to wait for salvation made by God, we will never be freed from evil. If Satan is really the lord of this world, there is no doubt that he has subjugated the religious leaders. It is a phenomenon that has been going on for millennia, and the best evidence of it is the participation of Jewish clergy in the murder of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the responsibility for the salvation of the world must be taken by those religions that can recognize their past mistakes and learn from them. I will show below, using the example of Catholicism, what it should look like.

Imagine that a pope, inspired by the teachings of the Son of God, would want to literally fulfill His requests and begin to follow Him in some way. Imagine that he would ask all Catholic clergy to leave their homes and go out to individually teach people in all corners of the globe. Especially if they do it in the highly developed countries of Europe and America. Let all the episcopates scattered around the world begin a mission that essenceism called the mission of globetrotters. Let them announce their intention to people and even ask for support in their "worldwide mission". Let the world suddenly see the realization of Jesus' proposal that if someone would like to save the world with Him, let him give everything to the needy, and then go out into the world to preach His teaching on love and forgiveness. Hence, the world must first be shocked at the possibility of fulfilling Jesus' mission to understand that He had "the remedy" to save the world from evil. Then the world can be captivated by the beauty of his message and will want to support the globetrotters sent out into the world to build a proper future with them. Of course, this process will not be short-lived. This is a task for many years, even for generations. It is important that God's Providence works, which is a set of eternal laws that the Original Being gave us at the beginning of the creation of humanity, and which we know only in a rudimentary way. Jesus, who had systematized them a little, was caught in His work at the very beginning. Now the globetrotter mission would trigger the possibility of the birth of God's Son on Earth as a Returning Savior, to whom Satan would not have access. If people prepared by globetrotters would accept Him, it would be the real beginning of the end of the evil lord of this world and his satanic civilization.

So, in order to change the world with Jesus, globetrotter would have to drop everything that had to be dealt with and move into the world. This sometimes requires preparing or predicting basic life matters, especially explaining to his loved ones what he is going to do. Then he should be consistent and be sure that other people will help us. This aid can be multiplied by giving away all that he has, making it clear that he is totally committed to acting in society. In this state, he can begin to preach Jesus. At the same time, he can clearly declare that he forgive all those who have ever done us something wrong. This will show that he want to love all people without exception. This love will be shown by wandering and communicating Jesus' message. This love will result from proclaiming that God is the Father of every human being, because each one has received his individual eternity from Him. You will feel this love when the time comes for Jesus' parable of how a certain father, years later, accepted unconditionally his prodigal son, to whom he forgot everything and to whom he gave everything that he had prepared for him after his return. Anyone who is told that his Creator is waiting for him to spend with him all the eternity to come will understand this love.

I have presented here a seemingly simple solution to salvation that consists in literally conforming to the teachings of Christ from 2,000 years ago. The question now is whether this is too utopian a solution to reality. Essenceism, then, has an even more "utopian" solution to help so-called "universtrotters" from other civilizations in the universe where evil never arose. So, they can be called universtrotters. Sometimes, observing the evil on our planet, I begin to talk about such a solution in desperation. At least it meets the condition that evil on Earth can only be corrected by people, although they may be from another planet.







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