Chapter 35

A timeless method of world renewal

Jesus Christ was the first to fully define the direction of the renewal of the world. First of all, he explained what the clergy of the Jewish religion of that time did not teach at all. Namely, he showed through his mission that the hitherto misunderstood God is the father of every human being, i.e. he is Heavenly Father. He also reminded that every man is created in the Image and likeness of the Creator, that is, that in life on Earth we should achieve personal perfection like our Father. The main force that we should use to achieve this goal is to be the force of love, the same that the Original Being used to create for us the universe, life and our spiritual person. For this teaching of Jesus, the Jewish hierarchs, who at that time had full authority, condemned him to death.

Hence, it can be very dangerous to lead love in a world of power under Satan's control. Not only did Jesus know this, but also many of those who followed in his footsteps throughout the ages. Even though they knew it, they did not change their behavior, and some of them, like their Master, overwhelmed it with their lives. These are the realities of our hell.

When creating essenceism, I took all of this into account. Although I knew it was possible to act carefully, not to flaunt yourself, and to keep silent with your views, I did not. Essenceism was created out of love for the Creator, so I could not go against myself. I want it to be clear to everyone.

If you love God as Heavenly Father, you love Him with all yourselves, with all your senses, and with all your strength. You want to be with Him constantly. It is similar with the attitude towards Jesus. If you love him, you want to help him in his mission. You also love him with your whole life. One would like to act with him so that evil ends on Earth. Unfortunately, one feels a kind of powerlessness in the face of the phenomenon of evil. One would like to call for help from other people, but this help is not coming. So one feels lonely, the same loneliness that Christ felt. This is true solidarity with Him.

It is also possible to help God's Son after his departure from this world. Sometimes I picture myself joining His "Team" in the spiritual world. There are already many who work to free the world from Satan, although they only do it spiritually. Christianity still calls it the working of the Holy Spirit and the activity of the saints in Paradise. However, according to my system, this is the collective activity of spiritual persons freed from Satan's rule. They lived their lives before and after Jesus' resurrection, and now they form "His Team of Associates." I would like many more spiritual people to join them. Perhaps this is a somewhat unusual approach to understanding Paradise and the work of the Holy Spirit. However, anyone who loves Jesus with all their heart can, after leaving the physical world, become "part of the Holy Spirit."

For now, here on Earth, it is worth preparing yourself and other people for the role of globetrotters who, with their mission, can bring about the coming of the Son of God. Those who would end their physical life with such an experience still have the possibility, but from Paradise, to spiritually support the globetrotters operating on Earth.








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