Chapter 36

Necessity to renew the force of love

The Original Being does not hide by us. I don't want to be mysterious and unknown. One can know him logically and without secrets. He is our beloved Father, the person closest to us. It is worth really loving Him. We have been "hidden" and hidden "by our Creator. It was done by our former educator from the first moments of human existence. It is Archangel Lucifer, transformed into Satan as a result of the destruction of true love. We have not wanted to accept this fact for centuries, we do not believe in Satan, and we also make fun of those who talk about him. However, without understanding its existence, we are unable to understand the Original Being, the Creator of goodness itself.

We must definitely break free from this situation. Of course, it takes great effort, because we have been stuck in bad condition for centuries, cut off from the Creator. Jesus Christ explained the way to return to Our Father two thousand years ago. Unfortunately, he overpaid it with his life, which shows how difficult it is to get rid of evil, and more precisely Satan's power over humanity. The hope is that the Son of God, that is, a man with a pure primordial nature without a bond with Satan, can fight a victorious duel with him, and then lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven. God's Son has already shown us a way to reverse the wrong direction of using power and restore true love. This gave rise to the greatest hope in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, His teachings have not been practically put into practice, so we still do not love each other with true love. We have been destroying it for thousands of years, preventing the formation of permanent interpersonal bonds.

I remind you that God is our Father. So we have a personal right to unite with Him anytime and anywhere. We have always had a bond of heart with Him, even though we are held captive by Satan. This right to eternity with our Father cannot be taken from us, appropriated or controlled. For we have in us an eternal spiritual person. We also have the opportunity to regain the strength of love thanks to the Son of God. Nobody can forbid us to do that either. It is our right, our private relationship of heart with Him. When we understand this, we will at the same time restore true love and heal our civilization.

When clergymen ask me how I would like to save the world without their participation, I show them the hope associated with the "virus of love". After all, before our eyes, the COVID-19 virus has taken over the whole world, spreading from person to person. He did not need any denominational structures or management by top-down authority. It had only one goal: to master a man, that is, to change him into an organism adapted to itself. In the same way, the "virus of love" can spread from person to person, bestowing on him the love that Original Being instilled in each of us. The transfer of the "virus of love" can also take place thanks to Facebook. Unlike this "viral" way of salvation, religious organizations are unable to bring love into society. Unfortunately, they took over an important social sphere, becoming only a power parallel to the political one. Through my essenceism system, I want to draw attention to the present situation of humanity and persuade people to change their perception of reality. This is my dream.







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