Chapter 4

Idea of the very existence of good

Because we live in a world where good mixes with evil, it is hard to imagine the existence of good itself. In addition, many philosophers claim that good cannot be properly assessed without evil. Many theologians also associate the necessity of evil with the free will of man. Anyway, different versions of similar views can be found in numerous philosophies and theologies.

Meanwhile, essenceism strongly claims that from the beginning of the world created by original Being and at every stage it should not be evil. The evil world that we have around us is like a cancer that has grown up on a healthy organism of the world planned by the Creator. It is, therefore, something alien, unwanted and contrary to the whole concept of universe originating from Him. Such an evil world excludes the existence of the very good, which in Christianity is called the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven. This can be expressed by saying: either God with good or evil without God.

Original Being is eternal and perfect, and infinitely good. This assumption was made in previous studies on essenceism during the analysis of the existence of the Original Being. The divine concept of the world should be the same. This means that the world, or our civilization, should be eternal, perfect and, above all, good. Just perfect.

People have always wanted a perfect world in the hope that they would be able to live in an absolutely good, stable and perfect environment. This desire was expressed by the pursuit of eternal goodness, happiness and true love. People just dreamed about something that God would give them. Most of them sensed that the guarantor of all these dreams should be He Himself. If everything developed according to His plan, today, after millennia of such human civilization, we would live in a world where most of the elements are difficult to imagine now. In the current situation, the most important thing is that we know what we are going to and what world we want. Below are my comments on this topic.

The most important feature of an ideal world is the constant presence of God in it. We will notice her above all in the form of his omnipresent parenthood. It will give everyone confidence that he is loved and that he is embraced by God's perfect protection. The practical implementation of this care should be through people and beings from the spiritual world, ensuring people safety in all areas of life. All surprises will only have the character of discovering the greater possibilities of man in relation to nature and the entire cosmos. A kind of guarantee of this security will be the invisible presence of First Cause Energy, i.e. Divine Energy, which will harmoniously harmonize with existing forms of energy and matter. Divine Energy is needed because the inhabitants of the Earth can change the natural environment for their needs. Our environment in the "raw" state was planned as stable, but man, bringing his creative abilities, develops it and adds other, new structures that may upset the balance of nature. Therefore, a constant force is needed to stabilize them to the level of a harmoniously functioning whole. However, God's Energy does not have to be managed only by God Himself. This role can be taken over by people who are fully mature for this mission and who, after reaching the level of maturity, or personal perfection, will be able to represent the Creator. They will be helped by angels and people from the spiritual world with whom they should have easy mental contact. God will remain with the physical world as if in the background, because He can be fully present only in a perfect environment, that is, in the sphere beyond time and space, which we perceive as a spiritual world.

In a perfectly good world, man who has achieved personal perfection is the Creator's peak work, fully completed and stabilized for eternity. It reflects God's attributes to the maximum. There is no need to imagine someone even greater and more perfect. The Creator put in his work all that He had the best. Hence the important conclusion that if somewhere in space, on any planet, there were people created in His "image and likeness," they would probably be physically similar to us. One can only hope that a similar tragedy has not happened to them, which happened to us in the form of the appearance of evil. Perhaps such planets inhabited by people who have not experienced evil already exist somewhere in the universe. So we have what to dream and what to strive for.






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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