Chapter 4

Hope in the scientific vision of the cosmos

Essenceism, apart from its theory of the creation of the universe, does not mind propagating a scientific vision of its origin. This is because a very significant percentage of humanity does not accept any religion, and science expects a full explanation of all phenomena observed in the universe, including its origin. As the creator of essenceism, I realize that at the moment few people will be interested in my system, and even fewer will accept it as their point of view. Essenceism deals with religious topics that science avoids. Before my system can convince a larger group of supporters, science should be constantly supported in the hope that it will someday take into account the idea of ​​the Creator. Science can, over time, show that the actions of the First Cause are also "scientific." Hence, essenceism supports the present research of the cosmos, as it may one day bring a proper understanding of the meaning of its existence. In this spirit, I present below a number of details that complement the previous chapter. They can all point to an Intelligent First Cause.

Therefore, referring to the description of the formation of the universe from the previous chapter, it is worth suggesting some complement to scientific hypotheses that may indicate the presence of a "divine source" of this phenomenon. Namely, in the force field formed at the very beginning, now called the Higgs field, first the most fundamental particles appeared, i.e. the creative Higgs bosons. In other words, in this field some "quanta" of elementary particles appeared, the first of which appeared the mentioned boson. It had to emerge from the primeval energy that could be intentionally introduced into the emerging universe from a sphere beyond time and space. No wonder scientists called this particle "divine particle," implicitly suggesting the possibility of an unknown First Cause. Essenceism adds that the force field, which was a state created from primary energy, was a "space" generating basic interactions read by scientists using the laws of quantum mechanics. Thus, the level of credibility of the scientific version may approach the version of essenceism that tells about the emergence of the universe from Praenergia "belonging" to the Original Being.

Moving on to details, both essenceism and science argue that due to an impulse that so far eludes all scientific theories, space-time has formed extremely rapidly. It seems that according to the predicted precision of the entire process, the four most important forces have emerged: gravitational, strong, weak and electromagnetic. They all acted between elementary particles arising from energy. After all, when the last of them, the electromagnetic ones, appeared, in an equally short period of time we dealt with the so-called Big Bang, which appeared sometime after the Big Bang (this time is still called differently). The entire newly created universe was illuminated by the light of photons, which revealed a "soup" of active particles permeated with radiation. The trace of this event has reached our times as microwave background radiation.

Scientists still do not consider any intelligent plan that could stand behind such a spectacular event. For the sake of creationism, I will describe once again the course of the creation of the universe, this time a bit acrid. I will show how he supposedly "accidentally" led to the creation of a cosmos shocking us with its enormity. In the force field emerging "out of nowhere", the Higgs boson "accidentally" gave mass to elementary particles, such as quarks, which, supported by gluons, began to form the nuclei of future atoms. With the participation of the weak interaction that appeared "out of nowhere", further formation of elementary particles such as electrons, positrons, neutrinos, antineutrinos and some others took place. While the above-mentioned interactions were still "unplanned" in this diversity, the emerging origins of matter simultaneously assumed the form of the present one and of antimatter. The "accidental" annihilation left only matter with traces of antimatter. At this stage, one can already ponder the existence of "out of nowhere" dark energy filling the universe next to dark matter. Everything was accompanied by the ubiquitous gravity, which, according to science, appeared completely "by chance".

Then everything was "verifiable", that is, with the participation of scientifically inexplicable dark matter and dark energy. In the unfolding universe, due to the "random" action of gravity, the simplest atoms, i.e. hydrogen atoms, gave rise to gas clouds, which after their collapse formed stars. More complex atoms that appeared in the further process formed particles of matter and influenced the appearance of various clusters of celestial bodies, such as planets orbiting stars. This is how the galaxies were created that filled the universe. This whole supposedly "chaotic" process shows the absolute precision of its course. We can see the effects of this precision today. We experience it, for example, in the form of our precise world, the Earth. She is this final chain of "accidents," which is our physical home. Thus, in this "random" universe on one (?) Tiny planet, intelligent people appeared, who still think about the "randomness" of their existence.

Above, I have intentionally presented the present-day knowledge of the origin of the universe in a critical manner. However, I am absolutely not entitled to a more severe evaluation of the achievements of scientists. Perhaps the time has not yet come. Meanwhile, through my system I want to supplement my scientific knowledge as much as possible, focusing on searching for the right cause of the creation of the universe. I have the comfort that science does not speak about the cause of its creation, nor the purposefulness of its existence. Here I see a place for essenceism.

Humanity creates science, that is, knowledge about everything. Perhaps with time this knowledge will lead us to the Source of All Things, which in my opinion is the Original Being. I hope that will happen soon.








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