Chapter 4

God is not “owned” by religion

Usually a person tries to think logically. This is our nature and this is also my attitude as a researcher. I would like to understand as many things as possible. That is why I ask myself various questions, especially the most important ones.

Before essenceism arose, I really wanted to know who God is, what He is and where He is. As I analyzed the teachings of Jesus Christ and His advice on how to address Heavenly Father, I understood that God is in Heaven and that He is not with us on Earth. Additionally, the prayer suggested by the Son of God implied that God would finally appear among us. I recall how these words read: "Our Father who is in Heaven..." and "Your kingdom come...".

For a better understanding of our situation, I will add the information from John 6:38, in which Jesus said that He descended from Heaven to Earth.

Christianity interpreted this last sentence as literally leaving Heaven and descending to Earth. In this way, the Son of God would save the world. Therefore, this religion made Jesus God "integrated" with the state of the Holy Trinity. In practice, this meant that the Heavenly Father once, two thousand years ago, came to help people by sending Himself in Jesus. He did it as an act of mercy to help those tormented by Satan. Due to a different understanding of the martyrdom of Jesus and oblivious to Catholic dogmas, I have always tried to understand this fact. This was also one of the reasons for the emergence of essenceism.

It is worth considering where this Heaven is, because religions create a fairy-tale image of this place. So what is this "space" and where is it? According to the words of Jesus, it is not in our physical world. Given the present knowledge of the cosmos, it is also absent in the space-time of the universe. So it has to be outside of it. Essenceism has always seen God in the realm beyond time and space, and also called Him "scientifically" the Original Being. The Heavenly Father presented by Jesus must therefore have His Kingdom far enough away, since we only need to make efforts for it to "come to us". This is, of course, a metaphor, but essenceism clearly states that in our earthly civilization there is no God, and we can only dream of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The state beyond time and space can be called "religiously" the spiritual world, but it is not a "space" logically assessed by religions. In its theology, apart from Heaven, Christianity also places some purgatory and hell in this "space". Of course, these last two "institutions" do not fit a perfect God. Essenceism suggests that the spiritual world cannot be wholly recognized as "God's realm." Therefore, the name Heaven can only refer to the proper sphere beyond time and space, that is, to the primordial spiritual world, i.e. to the one that fills the Original Being with itself. Everything indicates that there are also beings serving man as angels. It seems logical and in this case in line with the religious vision. One problem is, are the fallen angels and Satan himself also staying there? In this regard, it is important to consider the biblical story that they were "thrown to earth." Judging logically in the history of human civilization, this "downfall" translates into a phenomenon that has resulted in a "fallen" earth environment full of evil, misfortunes, wars and many other terrible things for tens of thousands of years. It is as if Satan and his evil spirits were really here with us, so the Earth deserves to be called hell. This is what essenceism claims. Then we live in hell, and the "boss" of our civilization is Satan. The assessment of essenceism is very similar to the views of Jesus Christ, who called Satan "the god of this world," which makes the world a hell. So Heavenly Father is in Heaven, not here with us.

It is worth taking the words of Jesus Christ seriously and finally realizing that the Heaven we are looking for is the "home" of Heavenly Father and honestly admitting that He cannot be with us here on Earth.

Therefore, I remind you that the Creator started our universe using His Energy and His Laws. So He created everything from Himself, and it was not a miracle. It was simply the creative process of transforming His attributes into the material state of the universe. He may have created many more such universes, but so far we know about this one, which is ours. All His Laws and Principles were used to transform His Praenergy into the physical structure of the universe, and we ended up in it. Thus, the presence of the Original Being in the universe He created is only indirect. A similar situation is the indirect presence of an architect in a building designed by him.

Let us now turn our attention to ourselves. We often ask how "technically" the modern man who creates the present civilization on planet Earth appeared. When bacteria, insects, amphibians, fish and animals "are in development", humanity got a gigantic "impulse" because in the course of several thousand years we have made incredible progress in civilization. Something must have appeared within us other than that of all the other creatures. Essenceism equates this spurt of human civilization with the "breath of the Creator" that every human being receives at birth. My system calls this "breath" our spiritual person. It makes us people, that is, children of the Creator. Thanks to this, we become his heirs.

Everything I write above is to show that we are dealing more with a "scientific" God than with a "religious" God. The "Scientific" Original Being does not require worship, religious ceremonies and all the temples with which the whole world is guarded. It is simply our "ordinary" Father who prepared the space-time environment of the universe so that His children would reach perfection in it equal to Him, that is, to a state in His image and likeness.

I am writing all of this to show that there is no God represented by the world's religions. They form a fictional image of the Creator who sees everything, is everywhere and understands our imperfect life in an imperfect world. Through this wrong image of God, religious leaders can maintain their imaginary cults for centuries, taking advantage of their lack of proper knowledge of the Creator of the universe. Therefore, I argue that the spiritual development of mankind was stopped almost at the very beginning of our history. Then only the physical progress of our civilization took place. So we have a world that is inconsistent with the divine concept. This is one of the reasons we do not realize what our proper condition is.

Thus, essenceism, starting from the knowledge of the perfect concept of creation prepared by the Creator, draws the logical conclusion that the state of our civilization is at a very low spiritual level. Although we live in the 21st century in terms of technological development, our spiritual development has been standing still since we departed from the concept of the Creator almost at the very beginning of human history. I have explained this in my publications and websites. They show that we live in a world shaped by a tragedy that took place in the first years of humanity and which is symbolically described in the Bible in the form of events in the Garden of Eden. It was this event that to a large extent retained our knowledge about the Original Being, about His work and about ourselves. This translates directly into the fact that we are not aware of our eternity. This fact and the whole evil spiritual situation of mankind makes religion weak. Each of them has formed a "god" who does not actually exist. Therefore, through my system, I undertook the methods used in science to describe the Original Being, so that religions would know the image of God independent of faith. By presenting His scientific vision, essenceism wants to stimulate the activity of clergymen of various denominations, so that they constantly explain to their faithful that they are eternal children of God, that He does not know evil, that He is not with us on Earth. My system is also about making humanity supported by religions take responsibility for preparing the salvation of the world.









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