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God's presence outside the universe

Essenceism very clearly emphasizes the presence of the Original Being in the sphere beyond time and space. In contrast, He explains His absence in the spacetime of the universe, although His laws and energy fill the Earth and all other cosmos. My system calls this situation the indirect presence of the Creator in what He created. The main mistake of religion is to introduce God directly into the spacetime of the universe, which is contrary to His fundamental attributes. God can only exist as an absolute Being, unlimited, free from all barriers and not subject to the laws of space-time.

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists introduced the concept of space-time, creating the conditions for the establishment of boundary conditions for the existence of the universe. Albert Einstein and his successors presented the universe to us as an expanding structure that once had its beginning. According to essenceism, this structure emerged from the Original Being. Everything that we know with the help of scientific instruments comes from Him. This structure is separated from the sphere that is His immediate presence, that is, from the state beyond time and space. We know well that spacetime is relatively easy for humans to accept, while understanding the sphere beyond time and space is beyond our ability. The same is true of the Creator. Its way of existence is beyond our comprehension, because we operate in conditions limited by space-time.

At the same time, our situation has yet another subtext related to the current state of our civilization. An exemplary comparison to a residential building built by an architect can help us understand it. People live in this building, but not the architect himself. However, it could be indirectly present in the life of the inhabitants through its creative concept and through the structural conditions of the building, which can be called the presence of its "spirit". The effects of his visions should therefore be at work there. Meanwhile, this architect is no longer able to control how people live there. This building was at one point given to people for their further use. And then something happened that the architect lost contact with his work. In addition, this building is now managed by someone else. Therefore, the architect does not supervise the life of the inhabitants, does not look into their windows, does not judge their way of life, because this building does not function according to his concept.

The above example for a residential building illustrates our reality. According to essenceism, it was "managed" not as envisaged in the original design of the Creator-Architect. Therefore, He cannot interfere with the lives of its inhabitants. Only when the residents of the building restore it to the state designed by the Architect, will He be able to cooperate with them. Perhaps someday, when people are ripe for this, they will invite the proper Creator to their "building", to use His work with joy and live with Him. This should be the future of this "our building" and "Our Architect".






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This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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