Chapter 7

Man towards the Original Being

Each authentic creator should have an unbreakable bond with his work. The more an author is involved in his creative act, the more he is associated with it. The most committed artist wants to reflect all his skills and emotions in his work, just himself. It is in the case of God that His action is most often a creative process. This is how He shapes the future. If He already does something and decides it is good, it defines the state of perfection and sets the standard for it. It is best then to name it God's Law (written in capital letters) to emphasize its uniqueness and eternal validity. Throughout this study, I call God's Law what reached people parallel to the laws of nature. We have known them for centuries, sometimes intuitively, and sometimes taking them from spiritually open-minded religious visionaries, whose teachings really brought only good with them.

It has survived to the present day as dogmas or commandments selectively applied by various world religions. Until one asks for a divine constitution that could be a full and universal interpretation of God's law.

It is known that every creator should have recipients of his work in order to feel joy in the achieved goal. This is what God "lacked" in the creation of His work of creation. Hence the idea of ​​man must have been in His plans from the very beginning. With it in him, all his creative activities had a specific purpose. Until the moment of creating man, although he had everything, ruled over everything, everything was under him, he was still alone. Only someone equal to Him, of course on an individual scale, should properly accept His work and rejoice with Him. Thus, the full achievement of the goal of creation can be ensured by the Creator only eternal and perfect people - children of God - immortal partners of His love and joy. Has it finally happened? Unfortunately, not yet.

So in the current situation, it is important to understand that there are three important problems to solve that we have been grappling with for thousands of years. It is about the creation of the universe, the phenomenon of the appearance of life and the existence of man in the natural environment. These three issues fall within the scope of the creative work done by the Original Being discussed here.

I spoke about the origin of the universe at the beginning of this study. Now I will just remind you that the creation of the universe consisted in implanting the Divine Spirituality into the Energy which is an externalizing material at the disposal of the Creator. It was as if His “Breath” was introduced into the all-existing Energy. The creation of man proceeded in an analogous manner. It was then that the Creator “breathed” an element of His Personality, that is, the beginning of the spiritual person of man, into the biological organism constituting the human body. This is how we, the children of the Creator, and also the inhabitants of His universe appeared. Therefore, essenceism reminds us that the Original Being gave man the dignity of the master of all things and made him His partner.






Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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