Chapter 7

Practical understanding of the force of love

Wanting to find the best way to end evil in the world, I thought over and over again the ideas of salvation I had learned over the years. Now is the time to make some arguments for putting them into practice. It would mobilize as many people as possible willing to take part in the difficult task of saving the world to the state originally intended by the Creator. I took into account such case as dreams of happiness, the desire to experience true love, fear of death, and feelings related to uncertainty about God's existence. I also dreamed of some mysterious force pushing people in the right direction. However, I make a reservation that I never thought it would be supernatural. Rather, I felt it as a necessary necessity. Finally, I understood that the method to save the world is to introduce the "virus of love" into our living space. It, as any virus, has a chance to lead to a global "pandemic". It would pass from person to person, bypassing any barriers created by political and religious leaders using the power of authority.

Referring to the previous chapters, let me remind you that I focused primarily on the analysis of the mission of Jesus Christ. I applied his teachings on love to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is these religions that have been affected by the evil power of authority that comes from the "master of this world." Following the suggestion of the Son of God, I do not hesitate to say that Satan has a great influence on the fact that there is no progress in turning the world into its proper state according to the Creator's concept. Almost from the very beginning of their existence, these religions, whose scope of activity covers the whole world, were in a kind of symbiosis with the political power. Unfortunately, this authority, by definition, uses force to rule over people.

Meanwhile, religion, according to the teachings of the Son of God, to which essenceism joins, should fully be the opposite of the power of authority. In its vocation, religion should act in such a way that the power of authority is replaced by the power of love. It shows that political power and religion have completely different directions of action. While political power usually wants to maintain its dominion over people, religion should strive to completely transform our earthly hell into a state of mutual love given to humanity by its Creator. In this situation, essenceism calls upon world religions to return to their proper mission for the salvation of the world through love.

Within my system, I have already explained the concept of individual missionaries who would spread the "virus of love" among the people. I called them globetrotters. I even analyzed who could be a candidate for such a mission. I realized then that these single efforts may not be enough to meet the world's need for salvation. So now I am returning to the idea of ​​globetrotters, proposing to support them by clergymen of great religions. It is about those who are aware of the effectiveness of the power of love against the evil power of power in the world. After all, the mission of these religions has always been to work to remove Satan from the position of ruler of our world. Unfortunately, it was only done by individual clergy or by people who were replacing them in some way. There were very few of them, and yet they were most often persecuted, as were the Old Testament prophets. So history knows the former missions of being globetrotters. Jesus Himself strengthened them. Then the apostles continued this form of salvation. There was also Paul of Tarsus, and after him, for the next centuries, great participants and participants in the missions of individual globetrotters in saving the world from evil. For they all felt they had to get the job done without waiting passively for God to do it. This resulted not only from their proper understanding of Providence, but above all from their love for God and for people. Otherwise they would not go "house to house" and risk losing their lives to Satan, the enemy of mankind and the ruler of this world. Compared to these heroic efforts, most of the clergy of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are ineffective on their way to world salvation, or unaware of the importance of their mission to save the world at the hands of Satan. Many phenomena and events that testify to this have taken place over thousands of years. Essenceism is not, however, to highlight the historical failure of religion. It is another voice calling for religions to be repentant.

In summary, my system for the salvation of the world calls for the conversion of the present mission of the clergy to the mission of globetrotters. If the clergy of great religions really preach love for people, then they should be with them every day, in their homes. Because if you love someone, you want to be with him always, create only good for him, save him from bad condition, and even lay down your life for him. Thus, essenceism suggests to all clergy that they should begin to be guided by the true love that not only Jesus spoke about so clearly, but for which He gave his life.







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