Chapter 8

Love, consciousness and faith

I would like to ask everyone a question about his highest feelings, I mean, how is it with his faith and love? Do you remember how it was with you?

Many of us know very well that when there is an opportunity to love another person, you first have to get to know them, then fully accept them, and finally love them. Only then does the problem arise as to whether to trust her, that is, to believe in her.

I have often wondered if you can believe in someone and not love them. The answer was always the same. Of course you can believe in someone and not love them. However, I would not like this to be the case with God, whom in my system I have called the Original Being.

What would the reverse be like? Is it possible to love someone and not believe in him at the same time? It is unlikely. Unfortunately, in our world anything is possible, any strange situation and any combination can happen. However, when looking at the problem honestly, it must be said that true love involves boundless trust, that is, full faith, otherwise it would not be called true love. Then I wish that was the case with God.

If someone read carefully the analyzes included in my study, he noticed that I never forced anyone to believe in God. Rather, I wrote about love for Him and asked to try to love Him, pointing out that love must be learned. I usually started by presenting God as the Creator of the universe, trying to describe His attributes, qualities and qualities. This was to get to know His Person and to be sure that He really exists. In this way, I always wanted to make him be treated by us as a loving Father. This was to be the first step to loving Him.

Remember how you came to know a person you love. Most of the time, you saw it first and you liked it. Then more meetings followed, and finally the love began because "something sparked". Faith and trust did not emerge until the next period. I always hoped that this was how essenceism would work.

I keep saying that man is not an animal. I will repeat this a thousand times so that as many people as possible understand it. This understanding opens the way to realizing who each of us really is. It can be seen that the entire heritage of human civilization is derived from human intelligence, will and affection, that is, human spirituality. In addition, all these achievements are often future-oriented, which suggests the existence of eternity in our personality. This allows us to conclude that every person, as a spiritual person, is eternal. Thanks to this, we occupy a dominant position in relation to all other entities. It is also worth noting that when all humanity is added up, we are like a "collective god".

However, if we notice that it was not humanity that created the universe and admit that it was not us who made laws inherent in the reality around us, then we will more easily become aware of the necessity of the existence of Someone else besides us. Humanity discovered this necessity thousands of years ago. Virtually everyone who wants to feel like a citizen of the universe has to face this problem. I know that we have quite a lot of different "mousses" in everyday life, and certainly each of us must die. However, I do not advise to treat this "must" as a compulsion, and on the contrary, it is worth making it a conscious transition of a necessary stage on the way to eternity. Accepting our eternity causes the discovery of a specific solidarity with the Original Being, because then we realize that we, like Him, are eternal. I hope that in the case of an individual, such a state of solidarity will foster a closer acquaintance with our Creator. As a result, we can genuinely love Him, especially when we realize that He is our True Father.

In order to lead to a better understanding of God's love, I will return to the analysis of the human personality, which, according to essenceism, everyone has inherited from the Creator. It is about understanding "vertical" love, that is, love from and to God, which transfers its power to the state of child and parental love. Therefore, it can be assumed that they can be eternal. Contrary to them, we experience "horizontal" love, that is, love between people, especially between a woman and a man. When we connect it only with our natural persons, it can be seen that this love gradually fades away, as if it is getting colder. It can eventually disappear completely. It is like a drying stream that loses its spring. "Horizontal" love may disappear if we cut it off from the Source of the uprising. This is because in the "physical" approach, man and woman are "horizontal" beings, living "horizontal" love.

Therefore, essenceism proposes a deeper understanding of the human being. According to him, it is the unity of a physical and spiritual person. A physical person is a "horizontal" being, but to be fully human, he needs "vertical" love. For this reason, a spiritual person is a "vertical" being whose character is shaped by "vertical" love. Since these two states of our personality constitute a unified human being, both forms of love are necessary for the formation of eternal existence. The experiences of these two loves therefore shape the true love that connects us to the Eternal Source of Love. Our Creator can also be called this.

So by understanding true love, we can know our "divine roots." Certainly, the greatest difficulty in getting to know Heavenly Father is related to the fact that we cannot see Him, that is, we cannot know Him with our physical senses. However, man is different from an animal because he still has spiritual senses. They work especially effectively when we silence the physical ones. Hence, all my efforts boil down to seeing God through the spiritual senses, that is, through the so-called eyes of the soul. In this way, trust and love can emerge for Someone in whom we have our beginning. This means that instead of believing in Him, we come to the full realization that we have an Eternal Loving Father. This is the main meaning of our life.











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