Chapter 9

How religions should change

There is a clear reason why clergymen of various denominations call themselves the shepherd of souls. Christianity especially fond of this term. It is supposed to be a bit friendlier term than priest, pastor or pop.

For an outsider, however, this means the so-called governing of souls, that is, the thoughtless guidance of the faithful in accordance with the doctrine of a given religion. This actually means leading people in much the same way a shepherd leads sheep. He does not admit to his "sheep" anyone outside the circle of the clergy of his religion, constantly maintaining his power over the faithful. He is an oracle for them as to the principles of faith. Since this is passive and unproductive expectation of salvation, it may not be in keeping with the true purpose of salvation history.

It is therefore worth looking at this situation of comparing shepherds with true shepherds of sheep. The latter rightly claim that they protect their flock of sheep from a voracious wolf. It would be good for pastors to clearly state the name of the "voracious wolf" as Satan. After all, an enemy to your "flock" cannot be identified with anyone who does not act as their doctrine proclaims. By clearly defining the role of the "ruler of this world," many would understand that mankind is threatened by only one enemy.

If these clergymen have been doing this for a thousand years and the world is still bad, they are in a sense preventing salvation and fostering the continuation of the world we have today. For the next generation, such ministry is proper to lead sheep to the slaughter. This slaughter should be understood as spiritual death, which includes all those who, without the knowledge of their proper situation, enter the spiritual world after physical death. Therefore, they are completely unprepared for the reality found there.

Essenceism, analyzing the state of the world significantly influenced and controlled by Satan, came to the conclusion that most religious denominations may unknowingly favor the further reign of Satan over people. Not only do political leaders and their political parties often form authoritarian regimes, the people oppressed by them must witness the cooperation of religious leaders with dictators, oppressors and rulers who ignore their subordinates. Added to this is the greed of large corporations, the selfishness of businessmen and the cunning of criminals who take advantage of the weakness of the law. It all adds up to a sad picture of our earthly hell.

In this study, I decided to focus special attention on the unacceptable role of religion in maintaining evil in the world. As I suggested above, this may have been a course of unconsciously sustaining Satan's reign over mankind. It is therefore worth paying attention to the dedicated work of prophets, visionaries, reformers and conscious clergymen who often overpaid their efforts with their lives. Most often they died at the hands of people who were probably under the influence of Satan. Unfortunately, too often they were the hierarchs of the great world religions, especially of Islam or Christianity. A striking example of this situation was the murder of Christ. The alliance of the clergy of that time with the politicians and occupiers of Israel led to the deprivation of the life of the Son of God in a very short time. There is no better explanation for the rejection of Jesus by a nation that has waited so long for the Messiah than for the influence of Satan on religious and political leaders. In fact, the mechanism of cooperation between religious and political authorities has proved to be the best weapon of Satan against the process of salvation in the entire history of mankind.

Religions now have the task of saving the world from evil, and no one or nothing can free them from this responsibility. I know that they will face a difficult period of departing from their old ways. Essenceism offers religions a specific training in acting for the evil of civilization. It is about devoting oneself to the mission of stopping the progressive degradation of the biological environment, for the support of scientists from environmental organizations and people involved in the fight against the progressive destruction of the natural environment of life on the globe. This is a very important task. After all, clergy and religious activists cooperating with them have a good position and material conditions to meet this task. Once they gain experience in saving the world from the evil of civilization, they may better understand how to save the world from moral evil, or rather from the state of evil in which our world is stuck. Strength and experience will be very useful to them, because the creator of evil, Satan, is a very difficult and ruthless opponent.







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