Essenceism 5 - “Eternity is not from this world”


The achievement of the goal of creating the universe

The title of this book means that essenceism would like to make everyone aware of a positive vision of the future. My book talks about eternity. I wanted to provide arguments in it so that everyone could draw the right conclusions about the short earthly life of a man in comparison with the eternal life in the spiritual world. It would be good for everyone to understand that they are eternal and that life on Earth is only a short but necessary time to prepare for this eternity. This fact could change people's attitudes towards life a lot. Unfortunately, one can only dream that as a result of the realization of their eternity, people will love each other, stop all evil actions and start living as one big, loving family.

Around us, people die every day and pass into the spiritual world. We still wonder what their fate is. If they ended their lives in an imperfect world, they certainly did not reach the state that can be called personal perfection. Essenceism explains that the spiritual development that we achieve at the time of death shows a low level of what it was, according to the original concept of the Creator. Then, after leaving the physical world, we are not qualified as perfect sons and daughters of God. Such a state cannot last forever, as it would mean the failure of the Creator. There must be a way to complete each person's spiritual development.

When, after physical death, we leave our natural person in the grave, at this point we lose the chance for the eternal state predicted by the Original Being, worked out on the scale of one earthly life. At the same time, if He has destined us to eternity in a perfect state, sooner or later we must attain it. So we either have to return to Earth and complete our development, or find a way to complete our spiritual development in the spiritual world. I write about returning to Earth in the chapter on the present state of the spiritual world. However, returning to an Earth where evil still exists does not offer a chance for greater spiritual development than it was in our previous earthly lives. However, it is impossible to completely deny the possibility of some spiritual persons returning to earthly life. Jesus Christ himself showed it. So there are spiritual people who are very eager to return to Earth in order to bring their life mission to an end. This applies primarily to those who would love to free the Earth from evil, that is, to help Jesus in completing His mission. The achievement of such a goal is the most beautiful thing that can be imagined in the face of the present earth civilization. The source of their motivation is not only their own eternity, but also the eternity of all people who have ever been born on Earth. For them and for all of us, eternity in an ideal world under the patronage of the Original Being is the most important thing in the history of mankind. With this book I would like to make people aware of the eternal truth that our eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven is absolutely the most important task for every human being. This is to be not only our task, but also the achievement of the goal of creating the universe.



The most important message of essenceism

1. All people are eternal.

2. The Creator - the Original Being does not know evil, therefore it cannot eliminate it for us.

3. The evil of this world appeared when Archangel Lucifer became Satan. Until today, he is the source of evil, still having significant power over mankind.

4. The salvation of the world from evil is a task for people who will be led by the Son of God as Savior and God's angels supporting them. He will appear as a result of the efforts of the inhabitants of Earth, who should be guided by appropriate knowledge, good and love. It is especially about itinerant missionaries - "globetrotters" who, walking around the world, will teach the teaching of such salvation.

5. Should these methods fail, all that remains is to count on the help of good human civilizations, somewhere outside the Earth. However, this is just an unrealistic dream for now.








Essenceism -

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