Essenceism – “Love from this and not from this world”


Optimism and pessimism in essenceism

From the first moments of its creation, essenceism was aimed at promoting knowledge about the Creator defined as the Original Being. My system focused first on His qualities, qualities, and principles of operation. First of all, it gave me an understanding of His Original Power of Love. My analysis shows that this Force should serve every human being to achieve perfection. It led me to understand the meaning of the creation of the universe and to realize the eternity in me. Hopefully, I decided to share my knowledge with all people. The content presented here is intended to strengthen hope and love.

I do not hide that my efforts in this regard found little resonance among people. I was particularly troubled by the small will to understand the main principle by which the world should function. The point is that in our world only the power of love that generates good should work from the Creator, and there should be no power at all that generates evil. In order to free myself from the pessimism caused especially by the lack of interest in the issues raised here on the part of various religious denominations, I had to adopt a strictly scientific attitude. Therefore, I presented all analyzes of the proper state of our world, not adhering to the religious views that had blocked the spiritual development of mankind for centuries. Scientific work and business activities have taught me to be persistent and follow the example of those who in the past struggled alone with the problems of renewing our civilization. However, unlike my predecessors, I had to completely shed the burdens of the past. This meant that I decided to evaluate all the problems analyzed without becoming addicted to old beliefs and dogmas established by religions. I also had to renounce my fear of being accused of undermining the work of previous generations. In order to be fair with my conscience, I have greatly restricted the use of the historical achievements of theologians, religious researchers, and recognized religious leaders. Therefore, I practically did not use their works. With full awareness, in this area, I gave up referring to the authorities of the past. The only authority that I have wholeheartedly accepted is that of Jesus Christ. I made this decision after deeply examining the "spirit" of His teaching, although I still did so with the "cool eye" of the scientist. This means that I was constantly on the lookout for possible distortions built up over the centuries about him, as well as for the biased "religious" deformations contained in the texts of the messages from the past. As I indicated in the declaration at the beginning of this book, I decided to abandon all footnotes, because I do not want to invoke anybody's views to support my theses. Thanks to this, I was able to free myself from the pessimism that burdened me, even a little.

The assessment of all political and religious powers brought the most pessimism to my views. It is people associated with these areas of life that benefit most from the power of power, which essenceism recognized as the driving force of evil. The political or religious career of people who want to rule us is most often combined with complete obedience to their leaders. As is often the case in the military, in political, social, economic and religious life, an order coming from the power of authority leads to a violation of the state of dignity that belongs to people. They are beings coming from the Creator, who knows only love and does not know evil and the power of power at all.

I have found that even democratically elected political leaders trusted by voters are able to deviate fairly quickly from honest service as a result of the force of power. With the support of a small group of obedient supporters, they most often pursue the pursuit of strengthening and extending their power. It happens that they create crazy reforms and sometimes even criminal plans. They keep drawing new followers in them, creating a state very distant from the preached views. More and more lies are repeated from their lips by servant people. This is how authoritarianism, totalitarianism and the rule of all kinds of dictators are born. According to essenceism, this has been the case for millennia. In this way, the evil is kept at the same level. It is a continuation of the evil power of power that started our civilization.

On a world level, as in our daily life, it is difficult to separate good from evil in order to bring happiness to as many people as possible. It is also difficult to expect busy people who support their families to engage in the mission that is the task of politicians and clergy. It is the latter that should be most involved in the elimination of evil and the restoration of good in our environment. Unfortunately, they practically do not do it, transferring to "their" God the decision to repair our reality. From the very beginning of their religious service, future clergymen, for example in seminaries or in Muslim schools, are being adapted to the government of souls rather than to saving the world from evil. Then they are gradually drawn into the eternal mechanism of representing the god of their religion, most often one who has practically little to do with the real one. Here I am referring to the messages of Jesus Christ. His teachings about true love, that is love for God, for man and about unconditional forgiveness are practically not implemented. In my opinion, especially the teaching and activity of the Christian churches has very little to do with the original content and sense of the teaching of the Son of God.

Essenceism was created to change that. The first hope is to shake the consciences of the clergy of major religions. For Judaism, Christianity and Islam, essenceism proposes a scientific analysis of reality. It will help them understand who God is, how He works and where He is. In addition, they will need re-education on the heart of Christ's teachings and understand who the Son of God really is.

Essenceism, through its explanations, would like to stimulate as many people as possible to act for good. He proposes them to abandon the existing dogmas and the views that were blocking them. At the same time, she suggests that they start using their imagination, intuition and talent to the full, which may result in a wealth of good actions. Essenceism claims that each of us has enormous opportunities for action, although sometimes it takes a lot of effort to bring it to life.

In order to enliven this activity, I propose a new understanding of the Creator described here, i.e. the Original Being. My system explains that new branches of science have greatly changed the perception of phenomena in the universe, and at the same time brought a different knowledge about man and the spiritual world. Essenceism draws conclusions from discoveries made both in space and at the subatomic level. This is due to theoretical astrophysics, quantum physics describing the behavior of energy and matter, and microbiology describing the sequences of the DNA and RNA code.

Essenceism encourages us to look at the world in a new way, to treat it as a gift for people, which was created out of the love of the Original Being. We are a unique being in space. We cannot constantly destroy our dignity as beings who bear love in them and with it the eternity received from the Creator.

This is my attempt to describe anew God, people and the physical and spiritual world. Essenceism tries to explain that we live in a wrong world, that is, not the one that the Creator has prepared for us. Since we ourselves participated in the destruction of the original concept of human civilization based on the power of love, we are to assume responsibility for bringing it to its proper state. People should get to know, understand and implement the knowledge of love and their eternal existence. Introducing mankind to this concept is the main task of my system. This is my personal approach to the mission of essenceism and my theory of eternal existence


Hymn to love in the world of authority

If I were talking about the salvation of the world and not having love, I would be like a clergyman of one of the many religious denominations in the world that use the authority that God himself gave them.

If I knew all the latest achievements of science, and if I did not have love, I would be like thousands of scientists filling universities and institutes, who are unable to shake off the feeling of superiority over other people by imposing their point of view on them.

If I materially help all those in need in the world, and if I do not have love, I would be like a participant in the world economy who sees his own interest in everything.

If I tried to introduce honest state authority in all countries in the world, and I didn't have love, I would be like a politician introducing great reforms, and in fact wanting to gain more authority.

Love is the Creator's desire.

Love is the cause of the world.

Love is the state of our life.

It cannot be ended because it comes from the eternal Creator.

It cannot be changed because it came out of the Heart from the Perfect Original Being.

It cannot be replaced with a authority contradicting it, because the source of love is the absolutely good Heavenly Father, who has nothing to do with evil and with the emergence of a authority that perpetuates evil.


True love will never end, although evil and the authority that comes from it try to control it.


So love and authority last. This two. Of these two, love will one day prevail and eliminate authority altogether.

Essenceism – Janusz Mazur



The purpose of essenceism is to prepare:

The theory of eternal existence

0. The theory of eternal existence is based on the fact that the universe came into existence at a particular moment and before it was not there.This is the paradigm of this theory.

1. The main premise of this theory is the existence of a state beyond time and space. This is the foundation of this theory.

2. The thesis of the theory of eternal existence is that God recognized by the majority of humanity is the Original Being. He is an eternal, perfect and absolute Being. He is the Creator of the universe, life and people, which He created from Himself.

3. A complementary hypothesis of the theory of eternal existence is that the Original Being occupies the entire sphere except time and space, that is, everything outside the space-time of the universe. This is His and ours eternal "home", that is, the eternal spiritual world.

4. The axiom in the theory of eternal existence is that "something" cannot arise out of "nothing." Thus, the space-time of the universe or universes had to have a source of origin. It is the Personality of the Original Being and Its Energy of the First Cause.

5. The existential judgment of the theory is that the Personality of the Original Being permeates the Energy of the First Cause. This creates a "model" for the spiritual person that permeates the physical person.

6. Eternity is in our spiritual person, which we receive from the Creator at the moment of our birth.

7. An additional existential judgment is that the Original Being knows no evil. The evil of this world appeared when an evil power of power was created by changing the direction of the Original Force of Love. As a consequence, the fallen nature inherited from Satan began to work in us. If we do not eliminate evil, it will last forever.















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