Essenceism 4 - “Vision not from this world”


Extending the vision of the world

People have always tried to understand who God is. They sensed intuitively His existence. They do it to this day, establishing His identity and presence in various ways. So I created essenceism in order to first analyze the various "versions" of God, and then to research by scientific means the possibility of an Absolute, Perfect and Eternal Creator of all things. My system is based primarily on the results of recent scientific research concerning the existence of the universe, and in particular its origins. Such an objective analysis of the possibility of God's existence, carried out independently of religious views, resulted in the conclusion that the First Cause of the universe exists. Thanks to the knowledge about the Original Being, I was able to proceed to the next stages of research.

Before presenting my concept of solving the problems of human salvation, in the first part of this study, I must once again present the way to the emergence of essenceism and its research instruments. I will also repeat the characteristics of this system and the methods of arriving at all the concepts that it deals with. To this end, I will recall the excerpts from the three previous books: Essenceism - God is not of this world, Essenceism 2 - We are from this world and Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world.

In this fourth part that you have in front of you, I describe again the phenomenon of the existence of the Original Being and the characteristics of an ideal human being. In the following chapters I will deal with the actual thesis of this study. It is about the possibility of healing our evil civilization by ourselves. This is necessary in view of the fact that God knows no evil. In the event that we are unable to achieve this goal, I will try to present the futurological possibility of bringing the world to the state provided by the Creator. It is about a solution that I call "out of this world vision". In this concept, it is not about the Creator's interference, but about a certain form of phenomenal help from extraterrestrial civilizations. The weakness of this proposal is, above all, the fact that science has not yet found any traces of life in the cosmos that surrounds us, let alone civilizations similar to ours. So I will have to defend my thesis regarding the high probability that among the billions of exoplanets in the boundless cosmos there must be some that are similar to Earth.

One of the goals of essenceism is to make people aware that our civilization should be consistent with the original assumption of the Creator, i.e. good. It must be so that the Original Being described by me did not fail as a perfect Creator.

Let me add that the last part of this book is devoted to proposing how the salvation of the world should proceed. There is also the above-mentioned futurological way of solving this problem in the event that humanity does not assume responsibility for the proper repair of our world. So let's check my thesis…


For those who would like to review particular concepts related to the subject of essenceism, at the end of this book, I present a compendium of knowledge about this system.

Alphabetical compendium of the main concepts used by essenceism






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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