Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”


Responsibility for the destiny of humanity

The main goal of essenceism is to present the results of the analysis of the existence of God as the Original Being. In my system, this analysis was modeled on scientific methods. It also concerns the basic attributes of this Being and the effects of His action as the proper Creator of the universe. This has given us a better understanding of the state of our world. Against this background, it was possible to examine how this concept relates to the long-established religious views. The results of this study are the subject of this part of the system of essenceism subtitled Unreal gods from this world.

The basis for such research are previous studies of my system. I started them in the first book titled God is not from this world. The assumption made in it about the possibility of the existence of the Original Being entailed the need to prepare a number of research tools in order to demonstrate using methods similar to scientific ones that such an assumption and thesis are correct. Since this is a problem in which science has a small share, it was necessary to create a logical sequence of thought based on the intuitive knowledge gained from the experiences of mankind so far. This led to the final confirmation of the necessary qualities of the Original Being. It also allowed us to understand His creative activity, that is, the creation of cosmos, the initiation of life and the appearance of people.

he knowledge shaped in this way allowed me to describe what the theoretically the world created by the Original Being should look like and what conditions should prevail in it. The concept of the world created according to the laws and principles of the Creator is called the ideal world. The main driving force of this world, which is also the mechanism of its existence, has been defined in essenceism as the Original Force of Love. It comes from all the attributes of the Original Being centered in the Center of His Personality, which is His Heart. It is the source of the Original Power of Love. The most important attribute of the operation of the Original Force of Love is the direction given to it by the Creator. This direction produces the state of good, which is the only state that fills the ideal world. Understanding the Origin of an ideal world has allowed me to open up new phases in human research.

The next stages of the research have been presented in the form of specific ideas in a book entitled We are from this world. In it, I showed the main ideas of essenceism, comparing them to other theories created by philosophers and theologians. It gave a more complete picture of my system, which aims to make mankind aware of the possibility of understanding who God is, who is man and what the universe is.

It was only with such a vision that it was possible to proceed to the assessment of the entirety of our civilization. Comparing it with the concept that should come from the true Creator of the universe, one of the main conclusions of essenceism is that we do not live in His world. It led to another conclusion that God, or the Original Being, does not know evil. Thus, in the third book on essenceism, subtitled Evil is of this world, I analyzed the existence of evil, based on the agreements made in the previous sections. I tried to confirm the existence of a personal source of evil, its operation and impact on humanity. It is, of course, about Satan as the eternal source of evil. My analysis has shown that Satan controls humanity with the help of a power of authority resulting from a reversal of the Original Force of Love. This confirmed the fact that evil appeared beyond the knowledge and consciousness of the Creator. His lack of knowledge of the existence of evil is due to the perfect Personality of the Creator. This is because the knowledge of a perfect God cannot in any way be modified by the act of imperfect beings who have created evil by themselves. My intention was that the knowledge of evil would lead to its identification, to make us aware of its impact on us and to indicate ways of its removal in the future process of the world's salvation.

Then, in the fourth book presenting my system, subtitled Vision not from this world, I undertook an analysis of the possibility of renewing our evil civilization mainly through ourselves. It became necessary in the light of my system's demonstration that God knows no evil. So I made a proposal related to the activity of individual missionaries called globetrotters. In addition, if people did not take responsibility for this type of repair of the world, I described yet another, i.e. futurological, possibility of bringing the world to the state provided by Creator.

In the fifth book on essenceism, with the subtitle Eternity is not from this world, I touched upon the problem of the spiritual world, the perfect version of which is an unlimited and eternal sphere beyond time and space. I had to show that beyond this ideal sphere filled with the presence of the Original Being, there is a periodically present spiritual world, into which billions of spiritual people who have already completed their physical lives have entered and are still entering. Previously, my system showed that every person has an eternal spiritual person assigned to him by the Creator, who should achieve personal perfection for an "earthly" period of time. This perfection was and still is the main goal of the Creator in creating the earthly environment for the development of mankind. Unfortunately, in our present reality, achieving personal perfection prevents us from the existence of evil on Earth. My system has also shown that most people are unaware of their spiritual condition and the fact of their eternity. Essenceism dealt with our eternal future, because there is still no logical analysis of the functioning of spiritual people after the physical death of a human being..

According to essenceism, the mission of religion is to restore the state of the world that was intended by the Creator. It follows from this that its main task is to lead to the salvation of the world, that is to remove evil and its source from our reality. Meanwhile, all Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the religions of the Far East remain in their dogmas, despite the development of the world and the need to expand knowledge about the Creator of the universe. On their part, this means no responsibility for the fate of humanity, constant guarding of a favorable position in society and waiting for salvation, which is to be accomplished by God Himself.








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