Essenceism – “Love from this and not from this world”

How to love our Creator


How to love our Creator?

What love is it about?

Is it about this crazy, dancing love, full of hot kisses and close-ups?... For this love, when we hold a loved one by the hand and nothing else exists for us except for him?... About the one without which we cannot live, because it is the only meaning of our life?...

Yes, to some extent about such…

Or is it a caring love, when a grandfather takes his grandson in his arms, lifts him high up, and the latter laughs with the child's unique sincerity, because he knows that he is in good hands?... Or maybe for this love when grandmother feeds her grandson and is glad that he looks at grandmother with happy eyes?...

Yes, of course also about such…

Or is it this love when we grow old together, when we are still together, and without the other person we cannot imagine life?...

Yes, also about such…

Or maybe for this love, when the politician responsible for the nation sits in his office until the evening and prepares social programs for parents raising their children in difficult conditions?... Oh, a leader who would like the citizens to love him because he loves them very much and wants them to be happy just because they are citizens of a common country with him?...

Yes, about that too…

Or maybe for such love, when a soldier knows what he is fighting for and remembers that his people are waiting for his victory; and he knows that if he doesn't win, his beloved homeland will pass into foreign hands?...

Yes, and about that too…

Or maybe it is about such love, when a responsible entrepreneur wants to ensure a good life for other people, when the organizer of some celebration wants to bring joy to all people, when a clergyman of some religious denomination teaches love for others? Is it because the love in them causes them to worry about the people who trust them and count on them for the most important things in their lives?...

Yes, probably about such also...

Then what is love?

We usually treat love like feeling.

Meanwhile, using the concepts of quantum physics, I define it as various interactions. There are four of them.

The strong interaction connects elementary particles in the nucleus of an atom. So love should connect.

The gravitational interaction draws the elements of matter towards it. Love attracts to itself.

The weak interaction often pairs elementary particles. Love often binds people together.

The strongest electromagnetic interaction emits a stream of photons in the form of light and heat. The function of love is to emit heat which is energy. Since everything is made of energy, love can be the interaction of energy at a distance. From a scientific point of view, if an energy is given a specific direction, it becomes a force. So love at rest is an interaction. However, when love, being energy, is given direction, it becomes force.

Love can be defined differently, still using the terms used in quantum physics.

The strong interaction connects the individual elementary particles to form the nucleus of the atom. Parental love connects parents with children to form a family.

The gravitational interaction pulls masses towards it. Conjugal love attracts partners to each other.

The weak interaction influences the share of even the smallest elementary particles in the whole atom. Childhood love affects the whole family, coming from the smallest members of the family.

The electromagnetic interaction is energy in the form of waves or photons penetrating the state of matter, warming it and illuminating it. Friendly love warms and illuminates relationships between people.

Love can be understood even more spiritually ...

This study is about more than just interaction. It is about the powerful creative force that is behind the creation of the universe and ourselves, that is, the Creative Force of Love! My system was created, among other things, to make the operation of this force more understandable. Essenceism in its studies shows that in the concept prepared for us by the Original Being, the only force guaranteed by the development and duration of the earthly civilization is His Power of Love. The essenceism claim is that God, referred to in my system as the Original Being, created the universe with the help of the Original Force of Love. It is the result of His Personality, which should be understood as His Inner Side. It is created by Intelligence, Affection and Will centered in His Heart. The Personality of the Original Being described in this way harmoniously penetrates His Outside Side, which is the primary energy, otherwise known as the Energy of the First Cause. Based on these claims, my analytical system states that the Original Being from the impulse of His Heart created the universe, life and us out of Himself.

It is therefore worth realizing that the power of love is the only force that should shape our lives. Of course, we know that this is not the case. Instead of love, the state of our world is permeated with power in all areas of life. Thus, our present world has nothing to do with the concept of an ideal environment prepared for people by the Creator. I have to admit with pain that our civilization is a reality completely devoid of His presence. The true Father of mankind remains in Heaven. But we, using a religious term, live in a hell in which the hidden "father" is Satan. Jesus Christ spoke most clearly about this. Since the Son of God described Satan as "the ruler of this world," virtually nothing has changed. It is worth remembering, even if we find it difficult to accept it. Unfortunately, the hidden power of Satan is still an active force of power that permeates our civilization, imbuing it with evil. The easiest way would be to replace the power of authority with a force of love that can introduce the right state of good.

My system tries to achieve this goal by paying attention to recent science, which to some extent makes it possible to understand that the universe has a First Cause. It should be equally important for people that the Creator is the source of the Original Power of Love. Essenceism clearly states that the Original Being is perfect, absolute, eternal and good. Within my system, following the example of scientific methods, I analyzed His qualities. Therefore, I can say once again that the Personality of the Original Being is the perfect unity of the attributes of Intelligence, Affection and Will centered in His Heart. This led to the statement that the reality prepared by him should be a good permeated with love. This corresponds to the definition of an ideal world. In order to introduce such a vision of the Original Being to the public space, I published my first study of essenceism with the subtitle: "God is not from this world".

Further analysis concerning the even deeper understanding of the concept of the operation of the Original Being led to the understanding of the proper, i.e. the original concept of the existence of humanity that derives from the Original Force of Love. As part of its analysis, essenceism claims that the Power of Love produces only good, which is the only state known to the Creator. Therefore, my system clearly shows that the Original Being knows no evil. This is due to his qualities, especially absolute, good and perfect. These qualities cannot be modified in any way by the actions of imperfect beings. It can be said that the evil known to mankind appeared after the act of creation of the world, completely beyond the knowledge of the Original Being. Thus, with philosophers and theologians in mind, a second book on essenceism was written, with the subtitle: "We are not from this world". It presents the ideas of essenceism that can support the efforts of philosophers and theologians to better understand the reality around us. The ideas of essenceism are also intended for religious denominations, so that, guided by the power of love, they begin to work effectively to remove evil from the world. The main point is that they should not wait for the salvation that God is to accomplish without their participation. According to essenceism, this attitude of religion is one of the main reasons why evil continues to exist. The purpose of essenceism is to make the minds of religious leaders realize that they are responsible for carrying out all possible actions for the salvation of the world from evil.

It follows from the above that adopting the idea of ​​essenceism makes it possible to become aware of the necessary changes related to the knowledge about the renewal of our world. It is especially about specifying the source of evil and the mechanisms of its operation. Determining the fact of its creation even more precisely, essenceism showed that evil arose as a result of the reversal of the direction of the Force of Love to the opposite, and as a result of which the force of authority was created. So there was a great weakening of the Force of Love coming from the Creator, and thus also of the state of good. For this reason, instead of God's presence, we have the world under the rule of Satan, who creates a bad reality, i.e. our earthly hell. The entire process of the creation of evil and its functioning is presented in the third study of essenceism subtitled "Evil is from this world".

Essenceism's presentation of an analysis based on the latest scientific achievements is intended to enrich the knowledge about the existence of God. This analysis also deals with the consequences of the creation of evil. The knowledge obtained in this way is also to help in a better understanding of the original concept of reality prepared by the Original Being. For this, apart from the ideas of essenceism, you need practical knowledge that has been presented for centuries by people open to goodness. Also today, such people could devote their talent, abilities and opportunities to create practical activities leading to the repair of the world to the state intended by the Creator. It is especially about people who feel the same responsibility for the world that Jesus Christ, for example, had. Essenceism calls such people globetrotters, recognizing the activity of the Son of God as a model of their behavior. On the basis of the methods of imitating Jesus developed by them, it is possible to carry out the process of saving the world from evil, which so far has not been properly implemented by religions. At the same time, essenceism wants to persuade scientists, philosophers, theologians, people of faith, and even atheists to be more active in activities aimed at eliminating the evil power of authority. This process should aim at the renewal of the proper world, i.e. the appearance on Earth of both the Son of God and the Daughter of God. This was the original concept of an ideal world prepared by the Creator. The fourth study of essenceism with the subtitle: "Vision not from this world" is to serve the analysis of this situation. It suggests suspending old and ineffective views in order to open up to the new challenges that the 21st century brings with it. To strengthen my call to be active, I have made a proposal for the renewal of the world by globetrotters, as well as one that is "cosmic" in nature.

The fifth study of my analytical system, subtitled "Eternity is not from this world", aims to better understand the reality of the spiritual world. In its original state it is the form of eternal life beyond time and space. The sign of the parallel existence of the physical and spiritual world is the personality of man. It is created by the unity of the physical and spiritual person. As part of expanding knowledge about the spiritual world, essenceism indicates the uniqueness of the physical life of a person preparing us for eternal life in the form of a spiritual person. This is done in the process of bringing our personality to perfection during earthly life. The basic conclusion of this study is that human perfection is the main goal of the Original Being related to the creation of humanity. Unfortunately, due to the lack of progress in the spiritual development of humanity from the very beginning of its existence, no man on Earth has a chance to achieve perfection in accordance with the concept provided by the Original Being. Essenceism, of course, has one exception: the Son of God Jesus Christ. It should be added that a certain part of the study on the spiritual world was devoted to the description of entering a different than expected sphere of the spiritual world after our physical death.

Innovative and at the same time the most critical statements about the state of our world are contained in the sixth study of essenceism with the subtitle: "Unreal gods from this world". In it I presented the mechanism of the power of authority that comes from the "ruler of this world". This is what Jesus Christ called the creator of evil. It is, of course, about Satan. The power of authority was created when this evil creator turned the direction of the force of love to the opposite. This situation caused him to take the place of God, which from the very beginning of history gave him dominion over mankind. The fact that Satan's power of authority makes it possible for evil leaders to rule over people seems surprising to some. It is also surprising to say that the actions of political leaders who wield the power of authority are not the only reason why evil continues on Earth. An equally important reason for the lack of progress in creating the concept of the civilization of love is the wrong attitude of the world's religions. After all, they are included in their mission to save the world from evil. Unfortunately, they too, like the political power, have been captured by the evil power of authority, which is the opposite of the power of love. I still remind you that, according to the idea of ​​essenceism, the Power of Love that comes from the Heart of the Original Being is the only force that should create the right reality for people. Thus, the use of love should be at the heart of any religion's mission. Therefore, religious denominations should completely give up all power over people, especially avoid participation in the "unity of the altar with the throne", that is, supporting political power.

This study of essenceism with the subtitle: "Love is from this and not from this world" was created to suggest various ways to restore the operation of the Original Force of Love coming from the Creator. This study suggests a release from all ancient theories and barriers. This would create a situation in which each person of his own free will experience true love, which he would feel as coming from his Creator. As a result of the act of creation, it flows out of Him as from a source, creating the fundamental value of the world. This concept of the Original Being thus suggests that we inherit from Him the power of love based on our free will. Thus, the entire organization of life in the world under the authority of the Original Being is based on the action of His Power of Love. It is worth remembering constantly that this is the only force destined for the proper existence of human society. Such a world under the authority of the Creator can be called the Kingdom of Heaven. The effective functioning of the Force of Love based on our free will practically excludes the power of power. The main theorem of essenceism is the definition of the power of power as a phenomenon that destroys our free will. Just as the power of love is associated with good, the power of authority is associated with evil. These two opposing forces stand at two different poles. The strength of love is the strength of the Creator, the Creator of good, and the strength of authority is the strength of Satan, the creator of evil.

Essenceism was created so that we understand what happened to this world, what we actually lost and what needs to be fixed. Let us remember that we now have false love because we have lost the true love that is due to us. Therefore, remembering the dramatic efforts of many "good globetrotters" headed by Jesus Christ, and despite the fact that it is an extremely difficult task, I decided to speak on this matter. I also introduced the theory of eternal existence to the public space. So, after reading this book, I will be waiting for your feedback anytime, anywhere. Please let me know if this book made you love our Creator even more. It is about such love without borders, without barriers and without fear...

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