Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”


 ”The Power of the Force of Love”

The Power of the Force of Love

Summarizing this study, I would like to explain one of the main ideas of essenceism. It proclaims that the key to getting to know the concept of the origin of the world is to understand the Primary Force of Love flowing continuously from the Causal Source, which is the Original Being. This idea stems from the fact that my system has shaped a kind of theory of everything about the life and functioning of humanity.

The concept of a world shaped in accordance with the laws and principles of the Creator is called an ideal world. The main driving force of this ideal world, and at the same time the principle of its existence, has been defined in essenceism as the Original Force of Love. This Force is the interaction of the state produced by the Creator, i.e. the Original Being. More precisely, the Power of Love is a directed energy derived from the state of existence of the Original Being, and strictly from His Heart. This force in the human living space is the bonding force. It is aimed at bringing everything related to people to a state of perfection. This is due to the fact that in its action it is compared with its Source, that is, with the Heart of God. According to essenceism, God's Heart is the point of bonding influence, that is, His Love, which unites His Intelligence, Will and Affection.

The condition of the Heart of God is a model for everything that emerged from the Original Being as all-creation.

The most important attribute of the proper operation of God's Power of Love is the direction given to it by the Original Being. This direction produces a state called good, which is the only state that fills the ideal world. This is the ultimate concept of the Creator.

Diagram of the Force of love in the creation of the universe_Ess7

Some of the above statements result from the observation of subatomic phenomena, which in their action reflect the perfection of the state of matter. Quantum mechanics deals with them. It teaches about the quantum structure of energy and the uncertainty of the lowest state of matter and energy. It teaches about the harmony of entangled quantum systems and about changes that take place without the passage of time. Thanks to this field of science, we understand that the four interactions inside an atom have the character of linking its state into a harmonious whole. Quantum physics therefore teaches about the source ordering of the state of the interior of an atom. This structure influences the directed action of the force of gravity throughout the cosmos. This state resembles the interaction of the Intelligence, Emotionality and Will of the Original Being concentrated in His Heart, which results in the emergence of the Original Force of Love. Thus, the direction of action at the lowest level of matter, as well as the action of the Original Force of Love, are designed to bring about perfect harmony in the universe. The above comparison closing this study is to understand the original role of the Creator in relation to the creation of the universe and ourselves.

In summary, this study aims to show, among other things, that the time has come for religions to stop dealing with imaginary gods. They are not true images of the Original Being. Unfortunately, due to the irresponsible action of religion and contrary to the Creator's intention, humanity has lost the correct vision of the world and the meaning of its existence. The purpose of essenceism is not only to present knowledge about the correct vision of earthly reality, but also to indicate the possibility of returning to the state that is the ultimate goal of the Creator of the universe.


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The important message of essenceism

. God recognized by most of humanity is the Original Being. He is the Creator of the spacetime of the universe and, of course, our Creator. We are in His Image and likeness. Therefore, we, as He is, are eternal.

2. Eternity is in our spiritual person, which we receive from the Creator at the moment of our birth. That is why the Original Being is called our Heavenly Father.

3. The Creator - the Original Being occupies the whole sphere beyond time and space, that is everything outside the space-time universe. This is His "home". It is also our eternal home, which we call the original spiritual world. This house awaits us after physical death on Earth.

4. God - the Original Being does not know evil, so He cannot eliminate it for us. The evil of this world appeared when Archangel Lucifer became Satan. Until today, he is the source of evil, still having significant power over mankind. If we do not eliminate this situation, the evil will last forever.









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