Essenceism 1 - “God is not from this world”

Part 1 – The Original Being

Chapter 1 - What is God? – Nature of God

Chapter 2 -. Where is God?

Chapter 3 - How to imagine God?

Chapter 4 - The First Cause

Chapter 5 - The Creator – The Original Being

Chapter 6 -. The Omnipotence - Energy of the First Cause

Chapter 7 - The Universe reside in Original Being

Chapter 8 - God’s Perfection

Chapter 9 - God - Absolute Goodness



For centuries we have been facing the problem:

Is God or Is He not?

If he is not there,
we also don't exist on a larger scale than our physical lives. We just live a short time and then disappear.

If He is, then it is necessary to examine His existence, because it should be the most important thing in our lives.

Even if there were only a 50% chance of his existence, it is still the most important thing for us. Therefore, it is worth realizing the eternal future awaiting us.

This study is based on such thinking.

In our time, with fantastic development of all areas of life, the image of God cannot remain on the level of ancient or medieval beliefs. We have learned too many new facts proving His existence






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

This is the contents of the books about the system essenceism that shaped:

 the Theory of Eternal Existence    and the  Outline of Theory of Eternal Eexistence

1. Essenceism 1 - “God is not from this world”- (scientific understanding of God)

 2. Essenceism 2 - “We are from this world”- (understanding the role of man in relation to God)

 3. Essenceism 3 - “Evil is from this world”- (understanding of evil)

 4. Essenceism 4 - “Vision not from this world”- (understanding of salvation)

 5. Essenceism 5 - “Eternity is not from this world”- (understanding of eternity)

 6. Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”- (understanding of religions)

  7. Essenceism 7 - “Love from this and not from this world- (understanding of love)

  8. Essenceism 8 - “Reality from this and not from this world- (understanding of reality)