Chapter 26

Better understanding of our history

Looking at various historical events, one can get the impression that evil is stronger than good. For thousands of years, conflicts, wars and blood have been spilled. We are attacked by various enemies who want to subjugate us and sometimes even kill us.

Evil entered people's lives at the very beginning of our civilization and is deeply rooted in it. This means, first of all, the spiritual presence of Satan in our imperfect world. It also means that we have a fallen nature inherited from him. As a result, evil wins over good without any obstacles, and lies are more easily accepted than truth. Equally often, love loses to hate and forgiveness to revenge. The entire history of mankind shows this. In most cases, people feel powerless when faced with evil, because they feel that there is nothing more can be done against its power.

Since evil with its mechanisms has invaded our civilization, the principles of its operation should be constantly reminded. This is the first step in order not to give in to him and consider him normal. The effects of underestimating the power of Satan's evil have struck all mankind over the centuries, including those who did not believe in him. As the history of mankind proves, we often do not notice evil appearing in our lives, and sometimes we would even like to forget about its existence. In most cases, we initially disregard its appearance, and when we understand it, it is usually too late to stop its development. Then it causes enormous damage, which is sometimes difficult to repair. This happens in our personal lives, and even at the level of entire nations. This was the case, for example, with totalitarian regimes such as Hitler's, Stalin's, the Khmer Rouge and many others. Unfortunately, the mechanisms by which this kind of evil comes to power are constantly repeated. Still millions of people are deceived by the deceitful promises of political leaders who promise to create a just and better society, although often behind them is the evil "ruler of this world". Therefore, many times in each of my studies I have analyzed the origins of evil and made me realize the existence of its center, i.e. Satan. I emphasize constantly with pain in my heart that Satan still maintains his hell in our world.

Many of us in our daily lives distinguish between right and wrong quite easily. It is much more difficult to distinguish them in social life, and the most difficult at the top of power. It seems that this is what the "evil god of this world" is all about. Political evil begins when it comes from the mouths of the great leaders of nations, from government and parliamentary stands. They tell us that they create good, that they fulfill the will of the nation, and that we need what they do. According to them, all who are against them are evil, they should be stigmatized and even removed from society. By many leaders who want to rule us, evil is often called good, and lies are often called truth. Cynicism is also often associated with this phenomenon, because many of those who do know that they are spreading untruth. However, they do so for career, money, and other benefits. This is how the evil mechanism still works.

It seems that the honest democracy desired by most people has little chance against different regimes. Evil quite often wins against it first in the form of populism, and then quite quickly turns into various kinds of totalitarianisms and tyrannies. This was the case with fascism and Hitlerism, and so was it with communism and the dictatorships derived from it. The mechanism of evil in politics and in everyday life has been repeated for thousands of years. No experience in history allows us to hope that this chain of evil may be broken definitively. Once Jesus Christ himself found out about it, becoming its victim. It must therefore be sadly stated that this situation continues to prolong the eternal suffering of mankind. And this is the situation that the "master of this world" cares about the most.

It can be presumed that if we do not change our vision of salvation, evil will exist forever. Essenceism has shown that God knows no evil and cannot intervene in our world. In this situation, waiting for salvation from "heaven" is meaningless. God exists beyond time and space. For Him, thousands of years may be a very short period of time. If salvation occurs in the next thousands of years and eventually the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on Earth, then in the scale of eternity the entire bad past of mankind will be only a small episode. Unfortunately, this is a small consolation for those who live on Earth here and now. Only the extraordinary effort of mankind can free us from the web of evil. Essenceism therefore proposes a new understanding of the present situation of humanity. Let this be the first step in the right direction for now.



Chapter 27

Better understand of the elimination of evil

Essenceism clearly declares that it is not possible for everyone to free themselves from evil without their significant participation. It is not about practices in the form of religious rituals and rituals. It is about the correct knowledge of our personality, which resides in the fallen nature inherited by each of us from Satan at the time of our birth. It is because of her that we are prisoners of the "master of this world". Lest there be any doubt, essenceism claims that we cannot remove it ourselves. For this we need a Savior like Jesus. This should be done as part of the salvation of the whole world. The "entertainment operation" may take many years, but it should not end the way it did two thousand years ago. Maybe this time we'll learn from the mistakes of that generation. This is how essenceism imagines efforts to restore the original good and break the historical bondage of satanic evil.

Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that thanks to the Son of God Jesus Christ, we can get rid of this fallen nature at the time of transition to the spiritual world. The redemption brought about by him makes this possible for us, leaving only the original nature in our personality. We can, of course, reject this gift, but it's better not to leave the roots of evil in us, because the future in spiritual hell is not good. This is not about scaring hell. This is not a question of faith, but a logical conclusion from what Jesus did.

Entering the spiritual world at the time of physical death, we begin the judgment over our lives due to our original nature. We see them in their entirety, so we can judge step by step our every act from the point of view of God's original law. It is encrypted in our original nature. It is it who will analyze all the details of our life. By recognizing the redemptive act of Jesus Christ, we remove ourselves from our fallen nature at the moment of death, so the judgment of our life becomes just. As a result of this "trial", we condemn ourselves to pain and suffering because of our mistakes and sins. Of course, we will want to fix what may seem impossible to us and increase our suffering. Therefore, it is worth correcting the mistakes already made while living on Earth. I wrote about it in previous parts of this study. If we do not do this, then we should prepare ourselves for long and hard work in the spiritual world. Returning to Earth by joining some living human will give us almost no chance to rectify the situation. Better to know about it today. Therefore, it is worth knowing exactly the methods of repairing our life that Jesus Christ proposed. There are a lot of them, but you have to do it yourself, without following the various advice of existing religious denominations. Only such knowledge about the state of our personality will allow us, after entering the spiritual world, to free ourselves from the mistakes of the past. By the way, it is now possible to decide to live according to the directives of the Son of God. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for us to interact with Him in the spiritual world. He never ceased His mission for the full salvation of the world. It would be good for each of us to become His apostle-globetrotter now, during our earthly life. This is the method of salvation that essenceism now proposes.



Chapter 28

The absence of God in our world

In all my studies, I emphasize that God does not know evil and therefore is absent in our world. It is worth explaining, however, that the contact with Him is not interrupted. It has the form of an indirect presence called God's Providence. It is the eternal duration of His laws and principles that lead everything to perfection. It shows that the bond between the Creator's Heart and the heart of every human being has not been completely severed. After all, He is the Father of our spiritual person, who is the core of every human being. Although it was appropriated by Satan, thanks to Christ's redemption, it is destined to free oneself from the "evil lord of this world" at the moment of transition to the spiritual world. It is thanks to our spiritual person and the functioning of His Providence that we can talk about the indirect presence of the Original Being in the entire universe.

The constant action of God's providence supports our efforts on the way to the salvation of the world. It is, of course, a passive and indirect participation of the Creator in the history of mankind. Therefore, God's Providence is our signpost on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to it and our knowledge of His Will, there is still a promise of an ideal world waiting for us. We will know it only after freeing ourselves from the satanic slavery engulfing our world.

The process of human renewal has been going on from the very beginning of our history. It began right after the fall of the first people. It was then that humanity was spiritually separated from its Creator, who is present in His realm beyond time and space. On the other hand, people were illegally taken over by their tutor, who was once the Archangel Lucifer, and who at the time of "appropriation" by people's spirituality became Satan. Jesus called him "the lord of this world".

Therefore, since the fall of the first people, we can talk about the absence of the Original Being in our world. Christ's redemptive work did not change it, although Christianity made Him equal to Heavenly Father. He clearly explained in His teachings that God is a strip in our world, that is in heaven, and we live under the rule of Satan. Other figures of the founders of various religions either emphasized His mystery or claimed that God does not exist at all. Their successors, including those of Jesus Christ, "brought" God to earth to serve the current needs of their religious denominations. This situation continues to this day, although it is anachronistic and finds fewer and fewer followers. It is still in the form of a well-established human imagination, for which there is no rational explanation.

So the time has come for an open declaration that, apart from the imaginary gods, the true God does not participate in our earthly life. Essenceism was created, inter alia, to explain the current state of affairs and to propose a change in people's attitudes towards the existing situation. This means the need to explain who the Original Being is, what He is and where He is. Then essenceism proposes to understand yourself. In the next steps, he explains who the "ruler of our world", i.e. Satan, is, and finally suggests correcting the situation to restore God's presence.



Chapter 29

The uniqueness of human being

The eternity from the Original Being applies to all spiritual beings, but, of course,  man is a special category of being, the closest to Heavenly Father.

The uniqueness of man results from the fact that God breathed a part of His Personality into him. It means that in the form of a spiritual person, He has transferred a part of Himself to him.  It is a sign of God's direct presence at the birth of every human being.  From this moment, the period of growth begins for him.  At the same time, for God, it is a time of waiting for a person to achieve personal perfection, which is associated with the full experience of child, marital and parental love.

Children's love is a kind of "vertical" love, because it is aimed at receiving it from the father and mother. It is best that the child continuously absorbs this love and soaks it up, because it is a necessary growth factor for the spiritual person of man. The child reciprocates this feeling, for example by joyful babbling, spontaneous joy, spontaneous play or obedience to those who have parental care.

Marital love is partner love, a kind of "horizontal" love. It is very important in the development of the spiritual person of every person, because it is the source of learning to serve the other person. It teaches the balance between subordination and domination of a partner.  It is the most absorbing period in a person's life and is to lead a spiritual person to learn the principles and laws governing the universe as fully as possible.

Parental love is again a kind of "vertical" love, the main purpose of which is to assume responsibility for another human being. For a spiritual person of any parent, this period means yet another level of development of human skills. It is about feeling towards a human part of the universe, even in a small, limited to its scope. Thanks to this, we can understand God's love for everything that he created and, as a result, become his heirs.

The three types of love described above are the three stages that lead to perfect love, which God has. In any case, the entire physical world was created precisely for the purpose that human beings, experiencing all three types of feelings on the Earth, could eventually reach the level of God's love.

Thus, the human being, as the only one in the universe, is going through a full path of development imitating the creative path of God. Man is to become a mature master of all things, an eternal being who reigns in the universe with his Father.

Next, I exchange human supporters, or spiritual entities called angels. I do not have much knowledge about the "structure" of the angelic spiritual world, so I will focus only on the basic issues. The existence of several archangels, for example Michael, Gabriel or Raphael, not forgetting about Lucifer, is described in the Bible, which I respect as an important source of knowledge. In addition to the archangels, there are a huge number of angels who are apparently indispensable to God and man.  It seems that "ordinary" angels are meant to take care of particular people, while the role of archangels is to perform various missions entrusted to them by the Creator.

We inherited from the Middle Ages a little mythological vision of the so-called heaven. Besides, in all religions there is a tendency to create a fairy-tale image of the spiritual world, which can be seen in the example of ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome. That is why Christians, in reaction to the poor Judaism in this respect, created mythology about angelic choirs, golden trumpets, on which they play for the glory of God, and the mystical circle surrounding the throne of God.  Such a vision of heaven has survived to this day, and even replaces many people with a true picture of the activities of angels. Meanwhile, in reality, they should be seen as active assistants of people in the process of achieving personal perfection. God does not really need angels to play trumpets and sing praise hymns to Him. He created them to look after His children and to communicate His Will, especially during their lifetime on Earth. I think that almost all of them are our guardians who lead us all their lives. At its end, their role is to introduce us to the spiritual world, when they can receive the name of the angels of death.  I suppose they are still the same spiritual guardians we receive from God at birth.

Angels are beings that God predestined to exist only in the spiritual world. They have the personality of a servant, knowledge resulting from the observation of the creation process of the universe and awareness open to the needs of executing commands from both the Creator and man. They also have, like us, an inner character that can be called a "spiritual soul".  In their inner character there is a considerable level of intelligence, will and affection, but it certainly does not reach the level of these attributes in man. Of course, we are talking about a man who has reached the level of personal perfection in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But their knowledge of the spiritual world is incomparably greater than the present knowledge of people.

Therefore, angels are spiritual beings who are servants of both God and man. It clearly indicates that they should serve the first people because Adam and Eve were born as children of God.  Of course, their service concerns all subsequent generations of humanity.  They play the same role in the spiritual world for man, that is, for his spiritual person, what animals and all nature on Earth have in relation to his physical person.  In the course of earthly life, angels participate in the development of human consciousness regarding the knowledge of love, beauty and good.  In the spiritual world, their mission is to serve and support the spiritual people who are there, and to be their guides throughout the universe.

An angel is, in a sense, a "poorer" version of the spiritual person, because he does not need a physical person to his existence. He is not fully a person because he has no sex, and above all, he cannot directly, like a human being, experience childhood, marital and parental love.

Comparing the location of angels and animals to people, one can say that the spiritual person of a human is a more perfect spiritual being than an angel, and his physical person is a more perfect being than an animal.

There is an even more important and more fundamental difference between people and angels.  Man is a representative of God in the universe, inheriting from him all the attributes of divinity, and above all, the highest level of love.  Meanwhile, the angel takes the position of a servant in whom love is carried out properly on the level of fidelity.

To better illustrate the difference between the position of people and angels, I compare the process of creating love and thought in a human being. Love flows from our entire being and is the maximum expression of our personality.  Meanwhile, the thought coming out of us does not require the involvement of our entire personality and is limited to the sphere of building a certain concept that serves a specific purpose. Love is the highest and the maximum fruit of human activity, while thought is the common mode of human functioning. The same principle rules the pedigree of people and angels. Man is the maximum fruit of the emotionality of God, while the angel is a being representing the narrow sphere of tasks assigned to him by the Creator. This clearly defines the roles they play in His world.

Angel reaches his level of knowledge and perfection, living only in the spiritual world, which does not give him the opportunity to go through the path of development that people go through.  Man's development, however, takes place during earthly life, and the achievement of personal perfection takes place on the basis of the intelligence, will and emotionality which he inherits from Heavenly Father. After going through a full period of development to perfection in the physical world, man is already a spiritual being with a status higher than angel in the spiritual world. He becomes God's partner.

From the above it follows that angels should look after people and protect their lives, both spiritual and physical.

Therefore, the question arises, does every man have such a watchman?

I would like it to be so, and maybe it is.  However, according to my knowledge, I cannot tell if there are so many angels, how many people there are. In addition, it would have to quantitatively arrive at the same rate at which our population arrives. There are more than seven billion people on Earth today, and this number is constantly increasing.  If it is true that all of them pass after physical death to the spiritual world, then in the form of spiritual persons there are probably over one hundred billion people and the number is constantly growing.  If everyone had their spiritual guardian, then there should be at least as many people as possible on Earth. Regardless of whether these numbers are correct or not, my goal is to show the scale of the phenomenon rather than provide accurate calculations. It must be assumed, however, that the spiritual world is governed by different laws than the physical world, and the "terrestrial" mathematics does not apply to creatures living in a sphere beyond time and space. I foresee that it is possible there to cooperate with an undefined number of angels with one man, and most importantly, the cooperation of one angel even with a very large number of people.



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