Chapter 35

Who can be a globetrotter

Jesus' sending his disciples to preach His teaching did not mean establishing a priesthood group separate from other people. It seems that His natural will was to preach His teachings as He did, with no organizational structure. His message was to be like a wave that spreads over the surface of the water. Those who carried His teaching on love should go to all places in the world, to all countries. They were supposed to be globetrotters.

Thus, the creation of some form of caste, or priestly profession, was farthest from the concept of Jesus. For He had seen what the priests of His days were doing with Him and with His followers. He also knew that the tradition of the priestly caste dates back to the earliest pagan times, in which tribal sorcerers, shamans, healers, and all kinds of spiritual leaders appeared. He certainly didn't want that. He wanted His messengers to reach people's homes, teach them the teaching of love, and find those who would pass it on as missionaries.

It seems very simple. It is enough to do what Jesus Christ did. Clergy, instead of sitting comfortably in luxurious parish buildings or in episcopal palaces, should go out into the world to people. Thus, Jesus' successors were not to remain in synagogues, churches, or temples built for themselves, where people would come to be ruled by ordained priests. It should not be that people, fearing for their past, would punish the temple, where the priest appears to them in beautiful robes. It now seems that many denominations based on the teachings of Jesus are so far removed from his teachings in their mores that today it is difficult to imagine their behavior imitating the simple life and deeds of their founder.

Therefore, it should be completely different. If a priest would like to have anything to do with Christ, then he should go out into the world as He did and teach people what He taught. Instead of focusing only on preparations for the unexpected final judgment, true disciples of Jesus should work out the conditions for receiving the Son of God in each generation, walking from house to house. Over the centuries, this could make communities close to one another and help the returning Son of God end Satan's evil reign on Earth.

Probably every clergyman can become a globetrotter. It is enough for him to leave his comfortable parish building, a soft bed or give up an elegant limousine. Especially bishops, as hierarchs, also known as church princes, should do this first. It is they who should take care not to be "Caiaphas" and "Annasas" of our times, the most distant from the concept of salvation proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

It is important to understand that Jesus' request that people accept His teaching and become its preachers in the form of globetrotters was addressed to each of us. Perhaps Jesus' desire was to reach out to all people, although he knew it would be done gradually. Paul of Tarsus understood Him quite well - the first globetrotter to understand what Jesus meant. It was him, although he was not an apostle, that most effectively reached Jesus' advice on how to follow him. It is worth following an example from Him.

The mission of the globetrotter in the world under Satan's rule is perhaps the most difficult missionary task imaginable. Since, in the case of Jesus, He had to pay Him with his life, I don't think I need to explain the importance of this mission. Like Jesus, every globetrotter must act under the threat of Satan. Perhaps Satan himself will not be threatened by globetrotters himself, but he has a lot of people to do this dirty work. Among the people there are quite a lot of "Judas", "Annas "and" Caiaphas" who will try to "hunt down" globetrotters. Therefore, I say that it is not only a difficult mission, but also very dangerous. It is by no means new. In the modern era, thousands of missionaries were murdered, some of whom were identified by name and declared saints. They were globetrotters. Their work will certainly contribute to the preparation of mankind for the appearance of the Son of God.

It's hard for me to say, but if any globetrotter dies on his missionary journey, it will be in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Despite his personal tragedy, he will experience a deep bond and solidarity with our Redeemer and will surely meet Him in the spiritual world. From all that I have written here, it can be understood that the globetrotter is Jesus' best friend. It is worth knowing about it for everyone who says that they love Jesus and that they would like to help Him in the salvation of the world.



Chapter 36

A proposal for Christianity

Most religions cite God's omnipotence, which implies that "their God" can do anything and is able to intervene in our world at any time. They look for various events that testify to this. However, we do not really have a single evidence of His intervention. According to essenceism, such an intervention would be a negation of the Creator's infallibility, as it would prove that in the case of man He did not see something, hence man only "on paper" is in His Image and likeness.

All the biblical events in which Yahweh intervened in our world are only supportive parables of a didactic nature. We can assume with certainty that God will never interfere with our world. The calling of prophets, and especially sending the Savior from heaven, is also a delusion of people for the purposes of religion. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, appeared among the people as a result of the effort of the entire chain of Israel's generations, especially the devotion of spiritual people, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and John the Baptist. It was they who walked among people and taught to fulfill human responsibility for saving the world from evil. This is to be a lesson for the generations of the new era, the participants of which also have the responsibility to prepare for the birth on Earth of a person completely independent of Satan, that is, the Son of God. The constant waiting for the Creator's mercy to let Him accomplish salvation is a dead end for humanity, into which religions have led us.

Essenceism proposes a way out of this alley, and especially "coming out with face" for religions that for centuries have condemned mankind to pointless waiting. My system invariably explains that the Original Being knows no evil and does not interfere with human civilization, of which it is not the author. It is people inspired by the "master of this world", as Jesus called Satan, who shaped the present state of the world inconsistent with the concept of the Creator. The mission of the Son of God two thousand years ago showed how extremely difficult it is to remove Satan from our living space. Christ's death showed that if religions do not understand their responsibility to prepare for salvation, and if people continue to be taught to wait for salvation made by God, we will never be freed from evil. If Satan is really the lord of this world, there is no doubt that he has subjugated the religious leaders. It is a phenomenon that has been going on for millennia, and the best evidence of it is the participation of Jewish clergy in the murder of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the responsibility for the salvation of the world must be taken by those religions that can recognize their past mistakes and learn from them. I will show below, using the example of Catholicism, what it should look like.

Imagine that a pope, inspired by the teachings of the Son of God, would want to literally fulfill His requests and begin to follow Him in some way. Imagine that he would ask all Catholic clergy to leave their homes and go out to individually teach people in all corners of the globe. Especially if they do it in the highly developed countries of Europe and America. Let all the episcopates scattered around the world begin a mission that essenceism called the mission of globetrotters. Let them announce their intention to people and even ask for support in their "worldwide mission". Let the world suddenly see the realization of Jesus' proposal that if someone would like to save the world with Him, let him give everything to the needy, and then go out into the world to preach His teaching on love and forgiveness. Hence, the world must first be shocked at the possibility of fulfilling Jesus' mission to understand that He had "the remedy" to save the world from evil. Then the world can be captivated by the beauty of his message and will want to support the globetrotters sent out into the world to build a proper future with them. Of course, this process will not be short-lived. This is a task for many years, even for generations. It is important that God's Providence works, which is a set of eternal laws that the Original Being gave us at the beginning of the creation of humanity, and which we know only in a rudimentary way. Jesus, who had systematized them a little, was caught in His work at the very beginning. Now the globetrotter mission would trigger the possibility of the birth of God's Son on Earth as a Returning Savior, to whom Satan would not have access. If people prepared by globetrotters would accept Him, it would be the real beginning of the end of the evil lord of this world and his satanic civilization.

So, in order to change the world with Jesus, globetrotter would have to drop everything that had to be dealt with and move into the world. This sometimes requires preparing or predicting basic life matters, especially explaining to his loved ones what he is going to do. Then he should be consistent and be sure that other people will help us. This aid can be multiplied by giving away all that he has, making it clear that he is totally committed to acting in society. In this state, he can begin to preach Jesus. At the same time, he can clearly declare that he forgive all those who have ever done us something wrong. This will show that he want to love all people without exception. This love will be shown by wandering and communicating Jesus' message. This love will result from proclaiming that God is the Father of every human being, because each one has received his individual eternity from Him. You will feel this love when the time comes for Jesus' parable of how a certain father, years later, accepted unconditionally his prodigal son, to whom he forgot everything and to whom he gave everything that he had prepared for him after his return. Anyone who is told that his Creator is waiting for him to spend with him all the eternity to come will understand this love.

I have presented here a seemingly simple solution to salvation that consists in literally conforming to the teachings of Christ from 2,000 years ago. The question now is whether this is too utopian a solution to reality. Essenceism, then, has an even more "utopian" solution to help so-called "universtrotters" from other civilizations in the universe where evil never arose. So, they can be called universtrotters. Sometimes, observing the evil on our planet, I begin to talk about such a solution in desperation. At least it meets the condition that evil on Earth can only be corrected by people, although they may be from another planet.



Chapter 37

The futurological hope of humanity

Essenceism tries to solve the problem of achieving personal perfection, which should be the goal of everyone's life. Our Creator gave it to us. My system analyzes all possibilities of achieving this goal in a situation when the period of physical life does not provide it. Unfortunately, as a result of this state of affairs, after passing the earthly life, people find themselves in the sphere of the spiritual world, which is not the original one, prepared by the Creator. This must be so because He cannot directly coexist with people who have not attained personal perfection and are under the influence of evil. I have demonstrated this many times in my books. I also explained that two thousand years ago, mankind had the opportunity to remove evil, or rather its source, Satan. Unfortunately, the people then alive rejected the Savior and murdered Him. However, thanks to His voluntary sacrifice, which had the character of redeeming spiritual persons from the power of Satan, Jesus Christ gave us the opportunity to get rid of our fallen nature. This can only be done at the moment of the release of the spiritual person from the physical body, i.e. at the time of our death. The condition for this spiritual salvation is to consciously accept the redemptive work of Christ. Anyone who understands what He has done should take advantage of it. Not only Christians, but all other people, after understanding this phenomenon, can also benefit from His redemptive mission. Therefore, it was He who created a chance for all of us that, deprived of our fallen nature, we could begin the proper development of our spiritual person. However, it is worth knowing that in the spiritual world, progress in this development is much more difficult than on Earth.

From an analysis by my system it appears that although Earth is not a place where one can achieve the right level of spiritual development, our education can be completed elsewhere. This can possibly happen when favorable conditions arise, for example, elsewhere in the universe. Unfortunately, this only applies to individuals and not to the state of the whole world. If there are "good lands" in the universe, where reality was created in accordance with the Creator's concept, i.e. the so-called Kingdom of Heaven, then people living there can help us complete our spiritual development. This can give us a chance to attain the appropriate perfectional stage needed to continue with eternal life. My system tries to explain how this process can proceed, although at the current level of knowledge this is only my guess.

It should be taken into account that the Original Being could shape not only our planet as a place where people would achieve personal perfection. There may be even more such planets in space. It seems that for this purpose our Creator issued with Himself a well-thought-out concept of the universe. His far-reaching goal was that His children could live with Him forever, experiencing, like Him, eternal love and happiness. In this context, it would not matter in which of the inhabited "Earth " His children attained perfection.

Logically, the differences between the "Earths" should not be too great. The concept of creation made by the Original Being shows that man is the maximum and most perfect of all creatures that came from the "hand" of God. In addition, people are beings with an eternal personality derived directly from Himself. Hence, the spiritual person of every person is the one who is to be in His image and likeness. The analyzes of my system show that people who can live in different parts of the universe also come from our Creator. So if such human civilizations were somewhere in the cosmos, then based on the fact of the concept of man perfectly refined by the Original Being, one should not expect any strange creatures, i.e. so-called aliens. Rather, they are to be expected to resemble us because of this perfect conception of the Creator. Different gravity on "human" planets, different diurnal or annual cycles may make small differences in human appearance, but they will not be significant.

Planets adapted to raising the Creator's children should therefore meet very similar requirements. We know from our autopsy how a planet that is good for life, in our case the Earth, should work. Numerous scientific studies write about the living conditions on such a planet. Thanks to this, we have a model to search for twin "Earths" in the universe. Due to the large number of planets, even in quadrillions, the possibility of existence of such planets as Earth is enormous. So far, however, we haven't found a single one. This still amazes scientists.

Because of this, essenceism offers a futurological vision of salvation for each of us living in the bondage of Satan. Such a decision may be necessary if mankind as a whole could not carry out salvation on its own. Therefore, my system sees a chance to lead our spiritual people to personal perfection based on the completion of their spiritual development on one of the planets in the cosmos. It is only important that there should be no evil there, that is, that there should be a civilization under the sovereignty of the Original Being. On such a planet, spiritual people from Earth could connect spiritually with the physical bodies of its inhabitants. The only condition for this would be a good synchronization of the personality of a human coming from Earth with that of a human on a given planet. It probably wouldn't be easy. However, if people from this "clean" planet were aware that they were helping "handicapped" spiritual people from Earth, they would certainly take on the role of saviors. For individual spiritual people from our planet, it would be the final form of returning to the world of the Original Being. This, of course, does not fully solve the problem of saving our planet from evil. In this case, one would expect the "return" to Earth of spiritual people saved on another planet, who could help in the complete salvation of our world. This help would especially concern the support of the Son of God born on Earth. This should happen because the original concept prepared by the Original Being envisioned that the perfect Adam, or the Son of God, and the perfect Eve, or the Daughter of God, were to initiate God's human race on planet Earth. This solution is necessary so that the Creator does not fail in the implementation of His concept of creating our world. This is the vision resulting from the analysis of essenceism. It is worth rethinking.



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